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Wrestling Thread (spoilers)

Figured someone had to start a wrestling thread, so I guess it would be me. WWE, TNA, ROH, whatever…

So, Bill Demott is a bully…,

So Wrestlemania is 2 weeks away and several of the big matches involve guys who never wrestle or show up to Raw to promote the matches. It’s pretty ridiculous.

On the plus side, the IC ladder match could be a lot of fun.

Latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame: Larry Zbysko

Brock Lesnar will not return to UFC: Ends MMA career, re-signs with WWE

Can’t help but wonder what this means for Wrestlemania.

it mean they’ve already made enough money off of it that they could afford to secure Lesnar to another part-time contract.

Top to bottom, I couldn’t be more happy with the booking of Mania. The last five minutes…GOD ALMIGHTY

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Wrestlemania was a ton of fun live. The only match that the crowd wasn’t that into was Taker vs Wyatt. But oh man, that Main Event was great. I thought they did a great job of making Lesnar look like the unstoppable beast they’ve booked him as for a year+ while also making Reigns look decently resilient. And when Rollins music hit, the stadium went nuts (myself included). I actually thought they might have Reigns pin him, but I was pretty stoked that he walked out of there champion.


Oh! A wrestling thread!

Apparently there is a great Iron Man match between Puma and Johnny Mundo on an upcoming Lucha Underground episode.

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do they call him Poooma all the way through it?


WWE Hall Of Famer, Wrestling Legend Verne Gagne Passes Away At Age 89

WWE News: Update On Why WWE Added Dean Ambrose To The WWE World Title Match At ‘WWE Payback’

I was pretty surprised to see him added to the main event, but it’s cool. I’m kind of amazed that he’s managed to keep his momentum despite being booked to lose all the time (and often in really stupid ways). In any case, it’s nice to have a Shield Triple Threat (featuring Randy Orton) for the WWE title nearly one year after they broke up. Could be a really fun match.

Listened to Jerichos podcast with Billy Corgan today. I had no idea he was now head booker of TNA.

Also, just watched that espn documentary on behind the scenes of the WWE developmental system…Very interesting, and I find it hard to imagine that people will not cheer for Adam Rose after watching it.

I know the Revolution and the Dollhouse remind me of Smashing Pumpkins music.

Scott Hall announced for Global Force Wrestling roster

New Day and Cesaro/Kidd match from Payback last night was aces :ok_hand:

Kevin Owens might be the most complex heel in a while.