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WOW! Sean Murphy's variant for Chrononuats #1 2nd printing


The second printing of issue one features the first of four variants Sean has planned for the series, each one paying homage to a different buddy movie. A cuddle for anyone who can figure out which movie this cover is giving the nod to…

PS Can somebody post it here? I dunno how :frowning:


Is it this one?


I think that BTTF cover was going to be the #3 variant.

I can’t find the cover for the 2nd print anywhere - has it been made public?


Yet it has a suspiciously large #1 in the bottom left corner.



Ha, I totally missed that in the corner. Obviously the #3 variant has had a new colouring job to be used for the #1 reprint too.

I think I actually like the new version better, as it’s closer to the movie poster than the #3 variant:


Is that real or just part of the mock-up? I just now realized the car is a DeTomaso Pantera instead of a DeLorean. I hope this book does well so @CHRONOMURPH can buy his Pantera.


Which, to me, looks suspiciously like the bottom RIGHT corner! :stuck_out_tongue:


I follow Millar and only read comics in mirror image.