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Would you like $10,000 plus royalties an issue to draw Hit-Girl?


Need a colourist? For the covers at least?


Hi there! you can see my recent work here

Girrrrrrrrrrrl power, hell yeah!


Hello! My name is Stan. I’m from Russia. I’m very interested. Hitgirl short story with my art - HITGIRL



I am Rodrigo Zayas, a spanish comicbook artist. I have been working recently for publishing companies such as MARVEL or Image/Top Cow.

It would be an honour to work with you and specially to work on such a cool character. I love Hit Girl!

I consider myself a very passionate and hard working artist always looking for new goals.

You can take a look at some of my most recent work here:

I hope you like my work.

Best wishes.



Hi Mr. Millar,

My name is Paul Bulman, I am an Australian based comic illustrator, and I would like to be your artist for Hit-Girl. I have worked on several creator-owned books, as well as ‘The World According to Wonder Woman’, for Insight Edition/DC Comics. Because of this, I am very familiar with deadlines and editorial requirements.

I work digitally on pencils and inks, am very comfortable with drawing females, and my style has been compared to Terry Dodson and Frank Cho.

Here is my one page sample:

I look forward to embracing this opportunity, and would love to work with your team on Hit-Girl. I am contactable on the following email address:, and can supply many more samples as needed.

Best regards,



Hey Mark!

I’m Joe Eisma, and I just drew 50 issues of Morning Glories for Image, and I’ve recently done some work on The Flash for DC. Other publishers I’ve worked for are Valiant, Archie, Boom and IDW. Here’s some of my stuff:


Hello Mark

Here is a sample of my art. I have works published in Dynamite, Darkstorm and Asylum.


Hi, I’m a total nobody studying Comic Art at a Uni in England & would have no chance whatsoever of getting this gig but I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring anyway…Cheers!


Hi, sir! I’m Marcus Pedro and I’m a brazilian artist! In the link below you’re check out one of my tests!



Hi Mark Millar,
here are a few samples of my sequentials, and some links to my galleries… thanks so much.


Hello Mr Millar,
My name is Patrick Mulholland and I can be contacted at
I have some further work here: and more on request.
Thanks for the opportunity!



My name is Dave Acosta. I have drawn a lot of comics for Dynamite, Including CHASTITY, SWORDS OF SORROW: VAMPIRELLA/JENNIFER BLOOD, RED SONJA, and TWILIGHT ZONE/THE SHADOW.

My email is

My website is
twitter: @davedrawsgood
Instagram: @davedrawsgood

Here are some samples:


Hi mark

Anthony O, Neill here yet again here are some samples I’d like you to take into consideration regarding the hit girl project, I sincerely hope it tickles your fancy.

My twitter handle is @Antoluke616


My name is Juanan Ramírez currently i´m working for Marvel. I´m free in three weeks aprox. Pencil and ink, one day per page.
I´m looking forward for good news!



Great work everyone!:astonished:
I guess there is no harm on trying to get your attention on my work!
Here are some samples!

Thank you!



Hi Mark,

here you can check some of my works:



Hi Mark, My name is Len O’Grady, and I’m a comic artist/colorist. You can take a gander at my portfolio at
Best of luck!


Dear Sir:

My name is Rich Perrotta… I was an inker for Marvel for close to 10 years and DC for two and decided to move to pencilling AND inking my art starting in 2014. I started with one series that I would draw for bi-monthly and now am working far more frequently with four separate independent books.

I would very much like a shot at HIT GIRL. being honest she was my favorite character both in the books and the movies and I feel that I would make a good fit for this title. Deadlines have never been an issue for me. Penciller OR inker. I am very easy to contact and am steadfast in my professional manner and how I take care of things.

I am attaching a few pages in JPEG format from some of the books I have been fortunate to work on. Please feel free to contact me either by here (which I will be checking daily) or by email if you wish.

Thank you VERY much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards:

Rich Perrotta


I’m pretty sure I wont get it since pros working on big 2 had joined in… But it doesn’t hurt to try so I’ll join in too.