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Would you like $10,000 plus royalties an issue to draw Hit-Girl?


I’m not a fellow to beat about the bush. We’re going to launch a big Hit-Girl series later in the year and have a spectacular writer, but the artist we had in mind is sadly locked into his contract longer than he thought and I want to get someone equally great.

Instead of messing around emailing people privately I thought I’d just do a big shout out right now to the comic-book community. We’re looking for someone truly great for this, someone who can really handle a monthly deadline (we’ll be publishing around 8 issues a year, two four issue arcs) and I’d like to get them started around four weeks from now as all the scripts are being readied. Payment is $10,000 dollars an issue for black and white art and a generous royalty package for monthly books and trades.

Either post details here below or contact me privately through one of the mods. We’re launching at the end of this year so I’d like to get someone nailed down this week if possible.

Note: This is 4 or 5X Marvel or DC starter rates and twice what most of their artists are getting paid so I’m expecting someone who already has a big body of work and experience. That said, I am always excited at finding new talent. Please post any samples below, but these must be restricted to one sequential page here or they will be deleted so it doesn’t take forever to look through them and ask to see more pages from the ones most promising.

Best of luck!


HIT GIRL offer
I want to draw hit-girl
cover of my comic airun
artist submission.
Cucca Vincenzo artist
Millar's Golden Secrets for Comic-Book Creators
I'd like to draw a hit girl.please check my work samples on
Hit Girl Experiment
Thiago Del Ponte
Hit-Girl artist recommendation - Yes he wants the $10K!

Hey, Mark! I’m interested! I’m Aaron Felizmenio, independent comicbook artist, from the Philippines. You can check out some of my works here:

UPDATE 5/25/16

Here’s a comic of mine up online:

I also did a fanart of Huck before!

Hope you like what you see! :slight_smile:

Hit Girl Experiment

Hi Mark, Please have a look at my sequential portfolio. Scroll through as I’ve got a few styles (from lighter to more serious) I work with tailoring to the project.

My previous work has been with Boom, Dark Horse, Black Mask and Image.


and more cover work and character work available here


Hello Mark,
that is a very good news

I am very interested in that.



Hi Mark.

My name is Joaquin Garcia. Here is my book of artists.!who_we_are/c139r
Many thanks


To answer your question: Yes I would.

I’ve posted my art around the forums before. You can check some of my sequential work either here:

or in my website

My latest work was published two weeks ago, Elephantmen #70, the first of a two part storyarc.

If you think I would be a good fit and want to talk here is my email:

Here is a sample from Elephantmen #70.

(Edited to a new page since the original post requested just one sample page per post.
The previous posted pages, as well as the rest of the issue’s art, can be found at the link below


Hi Mark,

I’m Antonio Baldari and here’s some pages from my comic book Redmoon, published here in Italy.
My email is and my deviant art account is:

Thank you! :smiley:


Hi Mark, thanks for the opportunity, I’m a comic artist based in Dublin, I’ve worked mainly on independent comics here in Ireland, I also worked as Inker in one of the Doc Who issues please see my sample below:

you can see more in the link below.

You also can see more of my work on
and my email contact is:

I hope you like it!



I have sequential stuff to share, but they’d be links to books I can’t post here (they’re not out yet).


You have officially opened the floodgates. @Idrawcomics76


Hi Mr. Millar,

Let me introduce myself; my name’s Vincenzo Federici, I’m a comic book artist and I work for french publishers, like Soleil Editions, for Zenescope and IDW and, actually, I’m working on a comic book script and art by me for an italian publisher.
Attached hereby you can find a link to my Dropbox folder with PDF of my portfolios with extracts of my works. If you need to see more, let me know, please!

I’m at your complete disposal for any further informations/instructions, test pages etc.
All the best!



hi mark, check out my sequential art -noel rodriguez

title’s of comics i’ve recently worked on:
-red hood and the outlaws
-teen titans
-green lantern

'I’ve also worked on manga titles with 100+ pages
and game art designs

-noel rodriguez


Hello Mr. Millar,

I would be a great fit for this potential opportunity! I am a work machine ! I do traditional pencils, inks and can also work digitally. please check out my stuff and see more of it @


Hey, Mark im interested, my name is Ian Waryanto a comic artist from Indonesia.
Here a few of my artwork :

For more art you can cek my Deviantart Gallery

Thank you.


Hi Mark,

I’m PJ Holden - currently appearing in 2000AD (on the eight part Lion’s Den strip) here’s some artwork from this weeks 2000AD:

I’ve more recent work to, if you’d like to see it (yet to appear in print so don’t want to publicly show it)

Gah! Apologies! Edited to reduce all samples down to one page!

More of my work online at:




Dear Mr. Mark Millar and the rest of the Millar World Forum:

I am contacting you to inquire about being a part of Hitgirl creative team. I am looking for an opportunity to work on developing your Intellectual Properties as a penciler/ inker on one of your comic book projects. I have earned my MFA degree in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and you may view samples of my Sequential Illustration work at .

Please, note I have worked in almost every aspect of creating a sequential art project from writing, penciling, inking, lettering, coloring to the final book design. In doing so, I have developed skills utilizing Manga Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver to take a project from illustrations to publication. Outside of my freelance illustration work, I currently hold a position as an Adjunct Professor for Sanford-Brown Online where I teach character design, storyboarding, figure drawing, and 2-D animation classes for the Animation and Game Production Department. I believe my experience and storytelling skills would be an excellent match for the right project and would be thrilled to be part of the Millar World family.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Anthony Summey


Hi Mark.

I know chances are slim but I’m gonna give it a try anyway. I’m a big fan. I’ve done work on Pathfinder for Dynamite Comics as well as my own creator owned book called Stray for Actionlab. Here are some samples from those books as well as some marvel Samples I finished recently.
You can contact me at or on twitter @seanizaakse or at
Thanks so much for your consideration.



Hi, Mark.

My name is Daniel Franco. I’m an independent artist from Rio, Brazil. My contact email is

Two sample pages from a recent project I worked on:

Here is the link for my website/portfolio:



Hi Mark ,I’d like to be considered !
You can see my work at


Hi Mark, I’m very interested with the gig. Please do check my works if you have time, sir:

All the best,
Jann Galino