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World Cup '18 Thread


World football super powers seem to be getting back on track, except Germany who are oot.

What do you think of VAR?

I think it has made for the fairest World Cup ever. Yes it has created a lot of controversy about whether it should be used at all and perversely why it wasn’t used for some incidents, but generally nearly everybody seems to agree with the final results it produces whether it overruled the ref’s initial call or not, only been a couple of wrong calls, much better than ref only.

It has had an effect on play as well both good and bad.

Bad is players calling for a VAR check by making the TV screen sign, that could and should be stamped out by making it illegal.

Good is that illegal activity in the box, like grappling, has noticeably diminished as the tournament goes on.
Should lead to more goals.

People wwere concerned that if the ref was called to view the VAR it would put pressure on him to reverse his decision, a valid concern, but more recently some refs have said ‘nope I was right’ so that fear is going.

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