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Working on our MillarWorld Annual 2015 Story Anyways!


So I participated as a writer in the previous Millarworld Annual. I have submitted all of the proper legal papers before for the annual and I still have it. This is the same comic I submitted the paperwork for, now with an artist attached. So you can go ahead and look at it. This is Edgy Ziane’s art and he is a blast to work with. Check it out!

A Page One Sneak Peek!

Even though I was rejected for the Annual as a writer, I still feel like this story needed to be visually shown. I think it has a lot of potential and wanted to show you all how excited we are to make it, even if it is just for portfolio pieces.




More updates soon.



So we’ll have more stuff up soon. It should be fully inked, colored and lettered. I will also be posting an updated version of my original script. Would love to hear from the community!




Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Original Script

Prior to this comic submission, my stuff was pretty story heavy. This time I went with a different strategy, and went for more action.

Would love to know what you guys think!



Dude this is fricken awesome.


Awee, thanks Dylan!




I will be renaming the title thread since this was last years (2015) MillarWorld Annual.

Turns out these pages may not be colored, or lettered by Edgy anytime soon.


I will letter them to the best of my ability. Please understand that I’m restricted with an amateur comic program called Comic Life.

I do not know how to properly resize the pages as an artist and I’m pretty sure these are not working files. I also do not know the real font size that I should use. As a writer, I do go by the comic word count rule of “25 words or less,” though. I think this is a great rule to live by.

I will be posting the lettered pages asap.

IF You’re An Artist

You can play around with these pages if you would like. Just please post them under this thread. It would be cool to see the pages lettered and colored properly.


Shawn Milazzo


Here is another pin-up style by Edgy!

Best I can do on the first page.

More in the next few days. :grinning:


Artwork looks great, and your first attempts at lettering aren’t bad at all - keep it up. Hope you don’t mind me asking, but as a fellow would-be writer, interested to know if this was a paid collaboration (i.e. you paid the artist) or whether you came to some other agreement as it’s just a short?


Thank you, Tom. Great question! Edgy and I are friends. We collaborated on this as friends. It’s a work done to facilitate growth between both parties. It was a win/win for us both! If you like Edgy’s stuff, I highly recommend contacting him directly for his page rates, etc etc.

Update- Should have a page lettered tonight!



Best I can do on pg 2.


That’s cool. A good story is never abandoned, but rather repurposed. I repurposed my 2015 Annual submission (plus a Write-Off script) into a self-published novella, Sapo Saga.


I completely agree.


Will have updates soon!


I wasn’t able to do what I wanted to do with the lettering. I’m the type of guy who doesn’t like showing half-assed work. I think I will leave this forum thread as this. I’m looking very much forward to participating in the new MillarWorld Annual, and wish all of you the best of luck this year!



Yes, this year annual is open!


Well everyone, this may be the last post in here. I submitted to this year to the MillarWorld Annual as a writer for the SUPERCROOKS series! I wish all of you the best of luck!