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Working on my very own Pitch, critique away!


Sometime last year there was a post about Octal comics, where they provide templates an instructions, even editorial and group feedback on your submission. If and when you meet the production groups quality standard you will be one of eight submissions in their curated anthology. As I am one of the many Millarworld talent non-winners, I decided to try working with the Octal group. I’m not quite there yet with my submission but wanted to share what I’ve been working on!

Thanks for
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Hi Skip,

Apologies that it has taken me so long to notice your thread, especially after you have been so supportive in mine!
Sorry, buddy!

Lovely stuff!
You have nailed the story telling aspect of your pages…perfectly.
Even without the words you can follow the entire story…so bravo.
That is one of the hardest things to achieve in comics.
A lot of artists think that it is all about action panels and splash pages, which yes does come into play, but editors need to see that you can take a generic “talky” scene and visualize it in an intriguing way. which you have done, really well.
Very impressive.
The story itself looks intriguing too!

You need to work on your perspective and anatomy more, because this is what is bringing some REALLY good pages down slightly.
I’m not an editor, but mistakes on the page away always draw my eye away from the good stuff!
For example the car in the first panel, the angle is off.
Then you have a really good second page…then the on bottom left of the third page the head looking up isn’t right…
When we get to the forth, the last two panels look amazing, especially the bottom left…looks like a deadite from the evil dead! :wink:
But the first panel looks like someone else has drawn it, the perspective is off as well as the anatomy.
So, overall what i am noticing is that you are REALLY good a medium panels and close ups, they are great!
And you can draw good hands, which is tough.
But wider and full body panels, they need more work…but you are well on your way, buddy!
Going forward, whatever, you do, don’t try to hide your weaknesses in your art.
A lot of artists try to do this and any good editor will spot these weaknesses right out of the gate.
For example, if an artist is no good at drawing feet, he or she will hide feet behind rocks or cars etc.
But doing stuff like that isn’t going to make you the great artist i know you are…so, i don’t wanna see an entire comic of closes ups! :wink:
Some great stuff here and i’m really proud of you!


Thanks so much Matt! Going back to our last conversation, an editor picked these pages apart quite well for me, and since I’ve gotten the blue line pro perspective for comic artists, and a few books about anatomy. As these are from march I guess I should dust them off and get going in the project again. I believe I’ve come along way since I posted these even, the hands change size in proportion to the body, one characters hairstyle changes from panel to panel and yes the car is definitely wonky lol. Here’s something more recent just to show what you can learn if ya keep drowning (from my topcow submission this week)



nice action,
I especially like the bottom left panel on the first page.
Again, you need to work on your perspectives and anatomy :wink:
What you’ll find is you’ll draw and draw and draw some more.
Then every six month you’ll notice a significant jump in the quality in your art…but you wont see it until you physically look back, because you are constantly drawing…
I know it is an extreme, but a buddy of mine Chris Imber posted some art he did from like ten years ago on twitter the other day and even though it is REALLY good stuff, you should see his art now and WOW!
But, you are getting there buddy!


Just figured I’d share some recent artwork! This was so fun!



Here’s a few finished pages of my webcomic :slight_smile:




Great stuff buddy!
Keep going


Funny, I didn’t know you left a comment before I sent ya the next page! Thanks Matt! Can’t wait to see your next story!








Did my first page for a story I’ve been playing with for a few years now…