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Working on a one-off British comic "Powerless: Some Kind of Hero"


Hello everyone,

I am writing and drawing “Powerless: Some Kind of Hero”, a one-off 24-page full colour superhero comic. I’m currently doing a Kickstarter for the printing costs, but this isn’t an advert, so I’ll just pop the link down at the bottom of this post if you’re interested.

The comic is based on the world and characters from my “Powerless” series of self-published novels. I intended to write a short story set between books 2 and 3, but had always wanted to tackle a comic book, so in a moment of madness I decided to turn it into one!

I have only 4 pages left to fully colour before I tackle the lettering (yep, I’m doing everything myself) and hope to have it ready for printing in March. Here is some finished art (barring a final polish pass), and I would love your feedback and thoughts on it.


My website/blog:
Amazon author page:

My new comic project - "The Murder Club" first look

Just to let you know there are 7 days to go on the Kickstarter:
I’ve also done an update today showing the progress of page 1 from sketch to finished, lettered page:
The whole comic is drawn and lettered now, and I am waiting on an edit before I get a proof copy sent to me - it’s getting exciting!



Well done on the successful campaign. My copy of the book arrived today. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet though.


Thanks for your support!
Glad you got the comic OK. Would love to hear what you think of it when you’ve had a chance to read it.


Hi there,
Just so you know, the Kickstarter was a success and you can now pre-order the digital version of my comic from [B]Amazon [/B]and [B]Gumroad[/B]!
Release day is next monday [B]21st March[/B] and I’m pretty excited to find out what people think :slight_smile:

[B]DriveThruComics [/B]will also have it on day of release and [B]ComiXology [/B]eventually.

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

Thanks, Tony.

My website/blog:
Amazon author page:


Hello everyone - today my British superhero comic has finally gone on sale!

You can grab it on:
Amazon UK -
Amazon US -
Gumroad -
Etsy -
DriveThruComics -

It’s also currently in the ComiXology submit process.

It has been 6 long months to make this 24-page full colour comic, including a successful Kickstarter ( ) and I’m just happy it’s out there now.

Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!