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Working hard to make my art appealing - Nemesis pin-up


Hey Millarites,

I’ve just re-read Superior, Supercrooks, and Nemesis. I submitted a 3 pager to the Artist Submission thread but now I wish I had done a Nemesis story. Got my fix by doing this pin-up, and then doing it over…decided this is as far as I can take it.

Comments welcome!


So good!


Fantastic ink work, and I love your sense of depth and use of anatomy. The only, and I mean only critique I have is that the foreshortening of the left leg is a tad off. Man, I love that architecture too! Stellar work!


I wanted every aspect of the body turned or twisted or bent in some way…I think I gave up to quickly on that leg…impressed and annoyed that you spotted it…but yeah, it should be longer from the knee down…a bit…

I should add it was inspired by McNiven’s Nemesis cover…just loved that whole book

thanks for the kind words otherwise!!


That looks awesome!
I may be nitpicking but there is something a little off with torso. Don’t know if it’s that it’s a bit too wide, or the curvature of his spine. Maybe it’s a little too curved and his rear sticks out more than it would if he were hanging from the choopper. I didn’t read your last comment about wanting every aspect of the body twisted or turned until I started answering this, but without it, those nitpicky things were the only ones that kind or stood out.
Besides that, dayum. Keep it up!


You did very well with the McNiven inspiration. The inks, like his, are super clean and you definitely made the eye feel it is in the Nemesis universe. Do you color and if so have plans to color this?



God no…coloring is not my strength! who has the time!?

Appreciate the kudos though … I love drawing and inking…and with each
effort I feel empowered so I can’t wait to get into the next piece. …which
is what…I don’t know…maybe Gladiator from Super Crooks!


Yeah the same as others have commented. The line work is clean and great, love the helicopter, looks perfect. The anatomy looks a little off in places, not glaringly so but can use some work.


And let’s put the “anatomy” comments into perspective: we have all paid money to Marvel and DC for books with much worse anatomy in them :smiley:

I think the piece looks great. In a published comic, there’s no way I would even notice something like a slightly wrong leg.


I was going to say exactly the same thing. There’s always room to improve, but I would not think twice if I saw that image appear in a professional comic. Very good work.


David and Dave.

thank you…I feel good about the piece again :stuck_out_tongue: