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Wonder Woman's first TV show


I found this oddity today. A failed pilot for a Wonder Woman show in 1967.

The concept sounds very Grant Morrison.

Even before the 1970s, producers tried to bring the character to TV—and it certainly would’ve been one of the weirdest takes on the character if it ever advanced beyond the pitch stage. Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince? only exists as a four-minute test scene, and bizarrely imagined Diana, played by Ellie Wood Walker, as a housewife who could look in a mirror and see her reflection as Wonder Woman, played by Linda Harrison—with the implication that Diana was basically going insane and Wonder Woman didn’t really exist. Weird.


Linda Harrison is most famous for her non-speaking role in the original Planet of the Apes. I had a crush on her in my adolescence.


Who wouldn’t?


That was wonderfully hideous! I never thought of WW as a sit-com before. :wink:


I think her mirror is broken.


Is Linda Harrison getting a cameo in the new Wonder Woman movie then? If not it’s a fucking disgrace and mud in the eye to WW fans the world over.


Maybe the mirror works perfectly and it’s your one at home that’s broken…


Maybe my mirror works fine and it’s your sense of perception that’s broken… LOL
Seriously though, she turns right and the reflection turns right…i.e in the opposite direction.

That’s weird no? Or have I been doing mirrors wrong? Or have I found a temporal rip in my dressing room?


Can’t decide which is worse, this or the David Kelley pilot.