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Wonder Woman trailer chat-back


Seems crazy to hide all these big stories away in a generic DC thread as this has been HUGE over the last couple of days. Am curious to everyone’s thoughts.

I think WW won the trailers for me. I loved the opening shot on the beach of Paradise Island and the glowing golden lasso, which looks amazing. Her wee moments seem really good and the poster on this trailer is literally the best I’ve seen since Bob Peake’s Superman in 1978. I’m a bit worried about the historical setting. The best of the X-Men movies, First Class, was also the lowest box office and I’m convinced it’s because it was a period piece. Likewise, Captain America’s much more modest box office when compared to other Marvel movies probably wasn’t helped by the WW2 setting. World War One has the advantage of the suffragette backdrop, but are our target 14 year old’s going to go for something set 100 years ago? I dunno. I hope so as I like the look of this and Gadot is magnificent-looking:


This looks exciting and adventurous.
I’m in.
I think this will be DC’s equivalent of Marvel’s Cap series.


Yeah I like the WW trailer more than JL and im sure itll hit big.


I’ve been re-watching the WW trailer since it got released. I was always curious what a wonder woman movie would look like and it looks awesome. I love the action scenes we got. I’m hoping that the big bad is going to be ares since, from what I know, World War 1 doesn’t have a figure that can be seen as the villain unlike World War 2 where there was Hitler. So, I think it would fit with all the pointless violence (again, I don’t know much about WW1. I’m just in part 4 of a documentary I saw in youtube about WW1). :smile:

Overall, I’m hyped for this movie! :grin:


Love the look of the lasso.


That gif is making me dizzy


Wonder Woman spinning around repeatedly… who’d have expected that?



Of course. I’m obviously just not awake this morning.


This was more positive than the JL trailer for sure.

I like the aesthetic feel of it, the look of WW they have pulled off well (unlike Barry Allen and Drogo in the JL trailer - why would someone underwater have long hair, can someone tell me that?).
Costume looks good, lasso is great.

The movie itself; I probably wouldn’t go and see if it wasn’t Wonder Woman. Story looks a bit non existent and it’s probably going to be about 3 hours long.

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What I love is the bits with Steve Trevor, because there was a dangerous line to play them and they faired really well.
He comes off as earnest, yet concerned, but not so ovebearing.



I liked the JL trailer and Drogo better but otherwise I agree with this. There’s something spotty-looking about this WW trailer, which I think happens when you put superheroes into a period environment—it stretches your budget too thin and just looks like corners were cut. And the Kong trailer did the “exotic island” thing much, much better.

However I do like that every blockbuster movie is now required to have Chris Pine riding a vintage motorcycle.


This looks amazing. Can’t wait for it.


I love Chris Pine. He’s a guy who deserves bigger things than some of the movies he’s been in. He’ll be great here and the charisma vacuum that is Chris Evans really should have been Pine in CA.



As much as I have enjoyed Cap 2 &3, and have no real grudge against Evans, Pine would have been a better choice - he’s a very likeable and watchable actor, I’ve enjoyed watching him in everything I’ve seen him in.


You’re going to have to fight Robert and me to lead the Chris Pine fanboy club.

I think they’ve cast WW perfectly. I’m still not sold on WW1 setting.


It is an odd choice.

On one hand, it makes sense. While relatively recent, there were still sections of the world that were unexplored so Paradise Island could have still been “hidden”.

But WWI is probably not that familiar to audiences. Seeing Diana in full costume in that setting was a bit odd. Captain America during WWII makes sense because that is his origin.

WWI is a fresh setting, though.

We’ll see how it all works out.


[quote=“Todd, post:17, topic:7451, full:true”]

It is an odd choice.

On one hand, it makes sense. While relatively recent, there were still sections of the world that were unexplored so Paradise Island could have still been “hidden”.

But WWI is probably not that familiar to audiences.[/quote]
I mentioned it in the DC movie thread (and Mark mentioned it here) that I think the women’s suffrage movements that were happening in that era could play into the themes of the movie.

I also think WWI being relatively unfamiliar to audiences is something that will play in the film’s favour - a WWII or Vietnam setting is a bit more well-worn at this point, even in superhero movies (Cap, X-Men etc.).

Either way, I think war of some kind is reasonably important to the themes usually addressed by Wonder Woman, and combining WWI with the suffragettes would seem to create a pretty fertile environment to explore the character.


I maintain CA should have been Aaron Eckhart. I like Cap at that age. He still looks late 30’s


I find divining anything from trailers to be almost impossible. It’s a well put together trailer. Will it hold together as a film? Patty Jenkins has one (great) credit to her name that I know of, one that is almost entirely useless in terms of predictive power for a big blockbuster.

Gadot seems to have some charisma; Pine definitely does. Will the story hold up? Will Jenkins have turned a story into something layered and deeper than just fighting and hitting? I really hope so. That’s what I’m looking for, here.

As of now, though, Suicide Squad still appears to be my greatest hope.