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Wonder Woman skateboarding


If this isn’t in the new movie I’m going to be very, very disappointed.



Hahaha!I just dig everything in that vid Mark! Her outfit is just pure Gold :smiley: Kids, don’t do skateboard without proper protection!


That’s amazing!


This is right up there with the Six Million Dollar Man fighting Bionic Big Foot for my favorite sequences in 70’s syndicated TV.


Ah, the 70s!


Awesome that she put on a helmet first.


Dammit, Millar! I cannot watch Lynda Carter! She was on some chat show a couple weeks ago, same thing as always happens. Four, maybe five seconds go by, I start drooling and mumbling “pretty … so pretty … want …”

It’s just ridiculous.


I had the EXACT same helmet and pads when I was a wean as the girl at the end has!

Also, the music is awesome and this is 1 million times more in-character than Peter Parker skateboarding.


I want to be her.


Only 9 more months 'til Halloween.