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Wonder Woman Movie Official Thread


Unfortunately, the internet being what it is, those last five words will be used to distract from the ones that preceded it - she’s making a pretty subtle point here in terms of how a character is perceived but it’ll probably get lost in all the carping from the Git Brigade Snowflakes.



One of the best bits of casting, in a very well cast film.


Welp, that’s money already spent.


The cancer survivor aside because that’s awesome…

Is it wrong that when I see photos like these I think it’s a huge parenting fail for not getting the girls into the comics a while ago? Stop taking your 5-year-old kids to PG-13 movies and pick up a damn book!


Is there an all-ages Wonder Woman comic? :confused:


Never mind, just remembered the answer: Superhero Girls.


To be clear I was kidding with that post.

But I am very serious when I say: those costumes aren’t canon.


I’m not quite sure what Cameron’s point was meant to be, but he did deliver two of the best female leads in cinematic action movie history, and he’s right that their looks didn’t matter in the least.

Honestly Wonder Woman feels like a third rail movie, and you’d be wiser not to say anything bad about it at all.


The first book I remember reading was a comic. There wasn’t a girl on the cover. There was a boy on the cover with a red and black stripey jumper and a dog. I liked the colours, but I liked the dog best of all. I got it every week after that. I could only follow the drawings at first. They were still funny. They were read to me, but I liked my made-up version too. I read some more.

Then Santa brought me a comic book about a boy who went to the moon with a dog. Later he went to Tibet. That one was my favourite.

Comics taught me to read. I’m still reading.


We just finished off the most recent one of these, they’re pretty good for young girls.


There are plenty of all-ages books out there that fanboys ignore and then complain that they don’t exist because they aren’t in continuity. For boys and girls. The kids are well served, it may just not be in Secret Empire or The Button.

It may be rude of me to suggest the publishers know better.


Better than an army of geeks who think about nothing but this for 24 hours a day? Preposterous!


I’ll agree with Cameron on this one. His Sarah Connor is more human character than Diana, who is typical comic character, albeit both are fictional. Jenkins totally missed the mark, especially with that “I believe women can and should be EVERYTHING just like male lead characters should be.” . Unless going physical, ofcourse. In that way, I think Diana is poor choice model to root for. What happened with diplomacy?


Sarah Connor is a role model for diplomacy? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Whoa shit… they weren’t kidding (about how it’s almost a MCU movie, not that it’s good) :open_mouth:

Just saw this, and yeah… you can definetly see the same MCU structure and beats, but with some of Snyder’s visual flair, it’s crazy… I’m fairly disappointed by that… Plus it doesn’t help that it’s indeed basically a cross between Thor1 and CapAm1 movies =/

Damn… I don’t really know what to say, I was kinda hoping for something a bit more exotic I guess, since Snyder was still involved in the process, but they literally took the Marvel manual to making movies. So yeah… it’s not a bad movie obviously, it has its comedic moments and a lot of cheese, but I feel I didn’t watch anything new except for some new imagery in the Themyscira stuff… and not that “new”, tbh… so I dunno, it felt too by-the-numbers to me, generic and a bit bland in the same way GotG2, CW, IM2 or Thor 2 felt.

This was waaay below something like Winter Soldier, GotG1 or Man of Steel frankly. But eh… enjoyable enough I guess with good productions and the standard shitty 3rd act most SH movies can’t avoid :smile:


It doesn’t help that it’s a cross between the two best Marvel movies?


Well, 1) They’re not… but even if they were 2) no, because I’ve already seen them multiple times… and I can re-watch them at will… =P