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Wonder Woman Movie Official Thread


I’d assumed it would do much better than those other hot messes, that’s a little sad. It was a very good movie and deserved to stand out from the pack.


It’s the third-highest-grossing movie of the year so far, and could pass GotG. It’s in no way a disappointment.


I haven’t seen it, but yeah, this seems a clear win, any way you cut it.

Heck, even if it hadn’t made this much money, the reception was overall positive, and WW is now in the pop culture radar once more… Just that alone is an insane win, tbh.


Ah ok, that’s more in line with the news I’d heard about it. I don’t really follow these things, but I thought I’d heard BvS did pretty poorly, which is why I was dismayed by it. 3rd highest grossing of the year is good going.


BvS earned loads of money. It cost loads of money too, which is where some of the arguments over profitability come from. But in terms of box office it did ok.


There’s no denying that BvS did well. The issue is that it did well below projections and expectations.


Yep a Superman + Batman movie meant the expectations were enormous. I think a lot of people predicted it would go far over a billion. That’s why people say the box office was a disppointment.

Wonder Woman is doing very well, thankfully.



Should set it in the Sixties and find a way to work in the white jumpsuit.


Set it whenever they want so long as they can explain what she was doing during World War 2 and Vietnam and every other major war that came after her intervention in World War 1…


This is why we get nothing but remakes and retreads.

Tell us a NEW story!


Despite the good numbers, I don’t think it’ll break any records. Apart from the fact that the gross is highest so far from any movie done by a woman. I believe the Spadie would surpass it at the box office. As for any other movies from DCU? Who knows. Overseas, Bats and Supe hold on, they are better well known than in US.



Wait, wasn’t Cameron the man behind the whole “way of the westerns” thing? :smile:


I’m seeing a lot of people on social media trying to shoot Cameron down by saying he’s not worth listening to, who does he think he is???

Well, he thinks he’s a guy whose made some massively successful movies and featured strong female characters in more than one of them.

I still think he’s wrong, but he’s worth listening to and thinking about before disagreeing with him.

He’s got a set idea in his head of how a female lead should be presented, and he thinks Wonder Woman panders to male fantasy too much.

Wonder Woman, the character, was created as the fantasy of one particular male, but she’s been re-imagined by multiple people since then and this version really doesn’t pander to that vision.

Of course she’s beautiful and she looks great in the costume but I said when the film was released, this was a film that could’ve indulged in a ton of fan service and it didn’t. Wonder Woman’s physicality here was about strength. That’s attractive in it’s own right, athleticism is an attractive quality, but she’s filmed to be powerful and she’s more attractive as a byproduct.

So I don’t dismiss Cameron, but I don’t agree with him and I’m a little surprised he formed the opinion that he did.


I’d bet that James Cameron hasn’t actually seen Wonder Woman, which is fine. It was probably just a stupid question that he was asked.
I was a lot more interested in his Alien: Covenant thoughts anyway.


He says he has and liked it. His issue seems to be that Diana is still a very sexy character and not wearing much. Compared to Sarah Connor who was presented as strong. There’s a lot to debate there, he gave her a nude scene in the first film and a tight vest in the sequel.

There’s always a lot of grey area between powerful and sexy, if you are a fighter or martial artist you will have a very buff body that people find attractive. I tend to agree with Steve that while Gal Gadot is obviously very attractive the direction from Jenkins avoided a lot of male gaze. The proof is in the pudding that women have very much taken to Wonder Woman and even as a man I had some of the feels when she goes over the top in the trenches. A scene Jenkins fought for as the execs at Warners felt it was not relevant to the plot.


I also feel like, well, Wonder Woman is a superheroic archetype. Unlike Sarah Conner, someone we relate to as an every-woman, Princess Diana is an ideal. So a bit of loftiness such as that which separates the two characters means that it is very much like comparing apples and oranges.

Also…Cameron said that Terminator: Genysis was great.


He’s admitted he was lying about that though, because Arnie was in it and they’re friends.


He l-lied? :disappointed_relieved: