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Wonder Woman Movie Official Thread


Huh, subconsciously I wonder if that’s why I was looking at mine so often during the final boss fight.


As far as soldier’s watches go, I’m always going to think of Pulp Fiction. I hope that Steve’s watch hadn’t gone through a similar ordeal.


It’s a bulky old pocket watch so… I agree! :open_mouth:


So… did Wonder Woman just let Evil Mrs Doyle get away at the end or what?


Gave her a chance to reform, I assume, resulting in her living a rich and fulfilling life as a productive benefactor of mankind.

No other outcome makes thematic sense.


Maybe she goes to work for the Allies instead and gives them her mega-death hydrogen weapons to use in World War 2…


By the time of BvS, something had to have shaken her faith in mankind. :slight_smile:


“Film makers are being controlled by Eris the goddess of strife and discord! It is the only explanation for such terrible films!”



That works.


Man of Steel?


I’m trying to resist the head-canon that Wonder Woman stopped the tidal waves from the Indian Ocean terraforming device from killing millions.


I’m expecting a retcon to show Aquaman doing that.


Sort of nitpicking…but in Batman V Superman when WW says “I’ve faced monsters from other worlds before”…you think she’s talking about Hades? If not, I’d like to see more movies flesh out some of her crazy ass monster killing, not neccesarily keeping it grounded in another world war.


I watched it yesterday. First and foremost, I’ll have to say this. I’ll warn you that I may be chauvenistic to both sexes here. I was doubtful if female director can successfully pull off a testosterone “male” oriented blockbuster. Point Break is awesome, but Hurt Locker and Punisher:WZ I found to be boring and uninteresting. However, when it as announced that woman will direct WW, I felt they got it as I believe that only a female director can give the character justice. Ofcourse, it if was a guy, it may totally be the same movie, so I digress.

But first before getting on the movie, let me say that I am not much of a fan of WW (neither I read many comics - Perez I love, Azzarello run and Hiketeia I intensely dislike, though I admire what the Finch couple did).
About the movie: I dropped a hint in another topic. I think it’s very, fair, honest and sympatethic portrayal of the title character, the best it can be nad much in vein of Donner Superman IMO. Moreover, Gal is beautiful, sexy and lethal in equal measures (though I am bit nostalgic for Linda Carter:grin:) And this WW is bereft of the superhero antics I find in Nolan/Snyder verse, where are frustrated, confused character with phrases like:“should I do it; who am I; it hurts me being superhero, hurts me when being not…”. No, this character is a hero and wants it to be. And I believe, just as the poster for Superman (1978) - “You’ll believe a man can fly”.

On the other hand, the plot is already chewed-up and cliched. I am not particularly convinced with Thewlis’ performance (I think he is miscast here), the latter “reveal”… can’t say I’ve seen it coming, but it didn’t surprise me, either. Also, I find the main villain fight to be a bit cheap and unconvincing, with WW all of suddenly unleash all her fury, before seriously eating dirt.

As for action scenes; they didn’t engage me much as they should. Don’t know, probably because, I’ve grown spoiled, petulant and craving for more over the years, so that nothing much can surprise me. And flawed he may be, Snyder knows how to make a glory spectacle. Sorry, Patty. Still, special effects are throughly impressive.


Had the day off work so wife and I went to see it today - this is my/our first cinema trip since The Force Awakens.

A solid superhero/action film up there with most of the Marvel efforts, and certainly way better than MoS and BvS (haven’t seen Suicide Squad).

Gadot sells Diana well, she’s incredibly likeable and charming and impressive, and the two better action sequences (on the beach and no man’s land/village) were thrilling in a way that I’d forgotten was possible from film. They were also easier to follow than most action sequences in big films over the past 20 years which was great.

Pine was very good, and it’s a shame the entire Diana/Steve relationship is over by the end of the film; we’ve seen the entirety of it, there’s no way to flesh that out further in subsequent films.

Sadly the final action sequence was really dull and - sorry Patty - cheesy in the worst way. I don’t have any issue with the “love trumps hate” message, but the manifestation of Ares, the armour, the flying/levitating - boo.

All in all, it’s a thumbs up, and if I stumbled upon it on cable while flipping channels I may end up watching it again which is a step up from most superhero films.

A few questions though - how did the notebook Steve stole from the Germans survive being submerged with him in seawater? And why did the German warship not advance on Paradise Island after losing their search party boats?


Yes and I think post-Matrix that slow motion scenes are unfairly maligned. I saw some criticism of Jenkins using them but I really don’t care. I like to know what is going on and using that trick is far preferable to the super fast cut ‘was that an armpit?’ techniques of the likes of Transformers.

I found that first irking me with Batman Forever from Schumaker. The action scenes were a lot of MTV edited bits of things flying by, no real narrative, just a blur with someone standing triumphant at the end.


Aheh, not everyone is John Woo. The only man who can pull as many slo-mo’s as he can and still make it look good. :laughing:


Wonder Woman has now outgrossed Suicide Squad worldwide (by $200k):


It also continues to do better domestically than any of the other DCEU films.