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Wonder Woman Movie Official Thread



The road not taken… fortunately.

Great casting, bad premise.


Which is why I’ve always been a bit disappointed by how writers sideline him, either by killing him off for years and yearsor switching him out to other, more distant, aspects of the comic until he all butdisappears.

Uum… :grimacing:


Hey, I mean without purpose other than to not write him. When it’s done in the comics it’s a lazy way to get rid ignored steve.


Watched it this evening. Really enjoyed it.

It’s no Man of Steel; but it’s a much stronger movie than BvS and more coherent than Suicide Squad, although it doesn’t look as good as the former, and lacks the swagger of the latter.

Gal Gadot fucking owns the role.

My daughter loved it to pieces. She wants to go see it again tomorrow.


As bad as this?


This should go on the poster.


The more recent pilot had her take on 3 separate identities.

It boggled the mind.


I loved it. Each character was casted perfectly (and some cool names), especially Gadot. She really brought her A-game to this.
Good for her. Very happy for everyone involved.


I thought this observation from Quint’s AICN review - about how Wonder Woman sits in the context of other DCU movies - was quite an interesting one:

[quote]I’m quite fond of Man of Steel. I buy Zack Snyder’s idea that he had to build an arc for Superman and I like that he starts off unsure, but Batman V. Superman undermined that a bit by keeping Superman brooding and seemingly unhappy about his lot in life. I’ll defend the neck-snapping in Man of Steel all day long (that’s how you beat an all powerful good guy: you give him an impossible choice and make him choose the lesser of two evils), but I can’t defend Superman glumly going “I guess I gotta get back to work” with his reaction to seeing the newscast about a natural disaster and people needing help.

What’s crazy about Wonder Woman is it shows that Snyder’s desire to build that arc for Superman was well-meaning, but mistaken. Today’s audiences will buy someone 100% pure of heart right off the bat. They don’t always need gray areas with their superheroes. Beyond the iconic score and fun, throw-back nature of Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie lays Christopher Reeve’s inherent kindness. You see it in both Clark Kent and Superman and that’s what audiences grabbed on to back then. Today’s audiences want that, too, and Wonder Woman will hopefully prove that.[/quote]


I think WW confirms that there was always a plan with the DCU movie verse. It’s showing you the dark place these iconic heroes are coming from, so that their inevitable rise into the light in Justice League is more powerful.

MoS was all about Clark’s alienation; BvS about Bruce’s anger; WW about Diana’s disillusionment with humanity.

I know people are going to claim that the humour and character banter of JL is a knee-jerk reaction to the critical mauling of earlier films, or the positive influence of Geoff Johns’ new position, or Whedon coming in to finish the movie off during Snyder’s leave of absence.

I disagree. I think this was always the plan. It’s pretty clearly an archetypal hero’s journey, extended over a series of movies. What could be more appropriate for these iconic superheroes?

I’m even more psyched for November now.


I did notice that Snyder had a story credit on Wonder Woman, so yes, I assume


This is an interesting rundown of how the story and script were shaped:


Apparently everyone loved WW, according to the internets… buuut I asked two female friends (a couple) to weigh in, one liked it, the other hated it… so, who knows… =P

But I’ve been reading/hearing that it’s very much like Donner’s Superman, in which case, ehhh, no thanks! I really hate that argument… the one in Dave’s quote above:

MoS & BvS weren’t about “grey areas” at all… they were just not simplistic as Donner’s Superman is. Being a 100% pure of heart doesn’t mean you have to be smiling all the time and acting like a naive dummy. Having doubts and complicated thoughts and issues doesn’t mean they’re in a grey area or not pure of heart.

Ugh I’m almost tempted to go watch it now xD


I did like the scene when they arrived in London and it was all grey and dreary-looking, and Wonder Woman says, “It looks terrible.”

Steve pines, “It’s not for everyone.”

I thought that was a nice self-referential exchange about Civil War. :confused:


That assessment of Superman in BvS is completely wrong though.

But nice take on WW though.


Yes, WW is exactly what was needed in the build-up for JL. November can’t come soon enough.


I expect WW to be one of the highlights of Justice League, and I say that as someone who likes all of the cast.


It will definitely be interesting to see how her character has become more worldly. In WW she is a very fresh faced personality, the contrast that could be there is enticing

Although my main motivation to buy a ticket is Barry Allen.


Was she named as Wonder Woman in BvS or WW? I can’t remember.