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Wonder Woman Movie Official Thread


I saw it tonight and absolutely loved it.

It was tons of fun with great performances from Gadot and Pine, who worked really well together. They really sold the comedy moments, as well as the more emotional moments.

And it was those emotional beats that make this film stand above the rest for me. There were a lot of powerful scenes, but the ones towards the end with Diana struggling with the realisation that man wasn’t being controlled by Ares, that have stuck with me.

This has me looking forward to Justice League to see if this leap in quality is in part due to Geoff John’s involvement finally being felt. But also I just want to see Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman again, she really does light up the screen…Aw hell, I’ll probably end up going to see this again I loved it so much. Something I haven’t done since the first Guardians film.


All I can see is this.


I really enjoyed it, but I think Mike’s right that it’s glib and doesn’t quite earn it’s bigger emotional moments.

However, it deserves to be seen and it deserves to be a hit.

By far the most entertaining of the DC superhero movies it’s (not coincidentally) the funniest too. Nothing is allowed to cheapen the horror of war, the humour is carefully kept to scenes around the battle field, so that the laughs are counterpoint and often much needed.

Gadot owns the role, I have high hopes for ‘Justice League’ and I expect her to be a highlight there too.

Pine is clearly incapable of a bad performance, much like the rest of the cast. Steve Trevor is a supporting character all the way, but given enough detail and action to take him really crucial to Diana’s education in the ways of the human world.

The rest of the cast (as I said) are all on good form, and someone should give Robin Wright her own action franchise immediately, if not sooner!

Plotwise, it’s (as others have said) a bit by the numbers. I did see the Aries twist coming, but only because I watch a LOT of films and it seemed like a good twist to pull on the audience. I thought it worked very well.

The big Boss Fight was just that. I would’ve liked to see something more interesting than chucking debris and blasting lightning/fire/power of god at each other. It served it’s purpose though.

I hope it’s a huge hit and Warner Bros keep on this path. I had a great time. :slight_smile:

To illustrate how entertained I was; Diana really becomes Wonder Woman about halfway through, in a scene that (I thought) worked very well but… I wasn’t bored waiting for that moment. It had kept my attention and I didn’t look at my watch or ask myself when it was going to become “Wonder Woman”?

It was, throughout that first half, a good film already.



Both leads are good but I thought Chris Pine deserves a bigger role. He’s great. Should have been Captain America. Film was slow in places and I’d have preferred a female as Ares. It’s pretty good but not groundbreaking by any stretch. Some of that cgi, only a few bits, was very jarring.


I guess that’s the only thing he has to say about it :sweat_smile:


Just got back from my second viewing: still liked it.


Just got back from it.

I think it’s most comparable to Spider-Man 1…in the best of ways. And a few of the bad.

Easily the worst parts of the movie, or it’s better to say where the movie fumbles, is the first 15 minutes or so…and bits of the climax. Most of those are in a dialogue or visual level. In each it got a bit clumsy and awkward. Especially Diana’s big “no” bit…they should have played it more reserved and sorrowful…since Gal does not sell it at all and it becomes inadvertently silly.

Other than that it’s just a fun superhero movie filled to the brim with entertaining cheese, great dynamics, and memorable moments. Much like Spider-Man 1, and unlike more modern superhero fare, it feels very much like its trying to take its first steps at this character by showing as much aspects as they can in ways they can try to make entertaining. Rather than subduing those traits to fit into a certain mold.

It’s rather charming and refreshing to see a movie done in a way that is clearly an attempt. I’d almost call it a genre throwback to an earlier stage in the same genre if it had come out a few years later.

I love how they play Steve Trevor and their relationship. I know it won’t sway the people who call Steve Trevor “creepy”" or “uneccessary” online…but given by the reaction in my rather packed showing - I hope it was able to show what he brings to the table.


Have you seen King Arthur? It’s a more disjointed kind of movie, but I was reminded of it a fair bit when I watched Wonder Woman earlier.

And why do people think Steve Trevor is creepy? Pine’s performance is bound to sway that opinion.


I haven’t seen King Arthur. What reminds you of it? If you mean the disjointed-ness, I can see that. But again, the entire thing felt like those early 00’s movies where they’re just showcasing. So I could excuse it in that regard.

And I’ve heard Steve Trevor called creepy for many reason. The primary being that “he’s the first man she’s seen, if he’s a love interest than its creepy and like he’s taking advantage”, which has never made any sense to me because Marston always put Diana in the driver’s seat.


No, not the disjointed-ness - although they’re both a bit shit in places but, when it’s good - the good parts are really good – overall a lot of fun. A lot of humour involved too. It’s more to do with the tropes involved and the way they were portrayed. Royalty reduced to commoner who really should be listened to, the band of misfits, the attitude to the elite and war, etc; it even had the same arrival of the hero in the boat to London/Londinium. Hunnam and Pine have a similar presence and swagger on screen. Arthur is more kinetic, particularly with the typical Ritchie editing. The whole videogame aesthetic that was pre-eminent in a lot of scenes was another thing in common. Some of the visuals were similar. At one point in Wonder Woman I half-expected Eric Bana to turn up. There’s more I’m not thinking of right now. Oh yeah, they both go on for far too long. :slight_smile:

That hadn’t occurred to me about Steve Trevor before. He could have been the first man she’d seen and she might have detested him on sight.


I really enjoyed this, although the boss fight ending was a bummer.

I was moved by a few scenes, which I didn’t expect. Particularly the scene in the trenches where Diana decides to cross No Man’s Land, and then Steve and the others are inspired by her example and join her.

I also liked how each of the men Steve brought in had their own issues to deal with (PTSD, racism, racism). They didn’t get a lot of screen time but the movie found an elegant way to denote character for each of them.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor’s romance really worked for me. I liked how crucial it was to the story. Most romances in superhero movies feel tacked on–the actors usually have chemistry but the romance typically doesn’t add much other than some funny scenes–but this story couldn’t have been told without it. And in terms of chemistry, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine might have the most of any couple in the genre.

EDIT: Oh, and the period stuff looked great. The friend I saw it with leaned over at one point and said: “They’re doing this stuff way better than Captain America did.”


Yeah, and I just don’t understand it given that we accept it when it comes to Tarzan and Jane. Hating Steve in the same circumstances really just deflates the argument.

I didn’t really find this too long. Except for the opening. Like I said the movie is weakest in the Island-only section at the start. But after that it just needed some more tightening up but never felt it dragged.[quote=“WillCarper, post:52, topic:10108”]
Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor’s romance really worked for me. I liked how crucial it was to the story. Most romances in superhero movies feel tacked on–the actors usually have chemistry but the romance typically doesn’t add much other than some funny scenes–but this story couldn’t have been told without it. And in terms of chemistry, Gal Gadot and Chris Pine might have the most of any couple in the genre.

Yeah. It’s honestly how it should be. How they compliment and aid each other.
It’s funny how a movie gets that more than writers over decades have.


Tarzan doesn’t even have a watch to impress Jane with.


Aye, neither did Jane to Tarzan.


I really hope that criticism of Steve Trevor you bring up Tom is just some kids on tumblr trying to out-concern each other and not a widespread critique.

Her introduction to (awake) Steve Trevor is him fighting to save her friends. And he’s nothing but kind and gracious in all of their interactions on Themyscira. The attraction between them is very clearly based on who they are, not what either of them represent.


I don’t even go on tumblr. It’s not a critique on movie Steve, but Steve in general in the comics.

I hope Steve will sway the general public, but I doubt it will change the minds of those who think that of regular comics Steve.

And exactly, who they are. Adam Hughes made the same statement when he was interviewed about All-Star Wonder Woman. I would have loved to have read his take on their relationship.


Ah, okay. I haven’t read many comics with Steve Trevor in them but my understanding is that while sure, she’s curious about man’s world and he’s her window into it, she’s also (more importantly) impressed by his principles.



Which is why I’ve always been a bit disappointed by how writers sideline him, either by killing him off for years and years or switching him out to other, more distant, aspects of the comic until he all but disappears.


Well deserved.