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Wonder Woman Movie Official Thread


I wondered what had happened to Dr. Poison.


Per Omega Underground, we also know a little bit more about when the movie is set to start shooting and what it may be about (besides, like, Wonder Woman, being, uh, wonderful and whatnot). They found a production listing that stated Wonder Woman 2 starts shooting in June 2018. And it came with this story description:

“The sequel will be a period piece, with Princess Diana facing off against the Soviet Union during the 1980s.”


This still makes me do a double-take every time.


I used to deliberately call her Princess Diana out of context just to confuse people :smirk:


So she’s Princess Diana Prince?



Wowza. This could - and it’s just a stray probably bad and evil thought - that this could speak faintly to working with the Batfleck. Didn’t he get his hands caught in a cookie jar recently, or am I just too Saturday night?


Some of the rumors I have seen are that Affleck knew about Weinstein’s predatory ways and remained silent. He may have even helped cover it up in return for special benefits.

I think there were rumors he was an abusive spouse.


There’s also video from the early 2000s of him groping a TV host.


Good for Gal. I know it might sound trite but having Wonder Woman take a stand against sexually abusive men is the sort of thing that could really help to make a meaningful difference.


Yep that’s great. Good Gal.


This is very promising news. Throughout the sexual abuse scandal, the pessimist in me has been thinking that Hollywood is too rotten to change, and some scapegoats will be drummed out, but gross bastards with power would hold on and continue as before. But it’s beginning to look like a real culture change and power shift could really happen now.






As a kid, I thought this song was about a big cat.