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Wonder Woman Movie Official Thread


Eh, I thought Ares was a good 1st villain, but for other reasons… Mainly that Diana needed to break away from the lies she was told, and also realise that Ares wasn’t mass-controling mankind and, as he said, that men were perfectly capable of warring all by themselves, so even if she killed him she wouldn’t really win anything and her goal would be unreachable… and that’s what happened. It was a nice bit of character arc and growth… However, the 3rd act and particular the confrontation with Ares felt flat and too “neat” and mediocre like many many SH movies.


I just finally watched this last night, and I guess my opinion runs contrary to the prevalent feelings on the film. Although I did like Chris pine in it, that’s about as far as it goes. I found the editing in particular was laughably bad, David thewlis seemed mostly wasted (especially after his riveting performance in Fargo!), a lot of sidelined characters that seemed like they could’ve added more, way too many close ups, an almost parodic use of 300-style action, and unearned sentiment. Also, the Wonder Woman theme as used in BvS felt totally out of place.

On the other hand, it didn’t have the problems other DC Films have had, so, yay?


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I really liked Chris Pine… kind of a shame he got such a small role in a SH franchise… He’s worth a lot more than Steve fukin Trevor… =/

IMO, he totally carried the movie. Gadot was fine, but nothing beyond “just fine”… serviceable at best. That said, the script didn’t give her that much to work with, so who knows…



Can I do a petition for her to be a kinky dominatrix?


Can she be a furry in the third one?


Anything, just please god don’t give her a romance with Superman (or, worse, Batman) :anguished:


Don’t worry I’ve started my own to see Batman and Superman kiss in the next movie.


If that Batman kisses anybody it should be Martha Kent.



That could work!


Here’s a love interest for her:



Jimmy Cameron, peddler of hackneyed racist tropes, mansplaining Patty Jenkins’ own movie to her. Fook off m8.

Yes, Wonder Woman is an ass-kicking, hyper-competent, super sexy, unattainable, idealistic paragon; but so is Captain America, and did Mr Cameron ever take issue at that? The first female superhero lead and James Cameron wants to hold her to a much higher standard than her male peers, well that’s textbook sexism.

If anybody’s got any room to put other films down for trading in overplayed genre standards, it really isn’t yer man who made Avatar and Titanic. On your way Cameron, you utter whopper.


It’s the first time the spinal tap quote can be said with a straight face: “What’s wrong with being sexy?”.

What is wrong with that Cameron?


Yeah, I don’t know how Cameron can’t see he’s on a hiding to nothing here.


Everyone just needs to Listen, and understand! That James Cameron is out there! He can’t be bargained with. He can’t be reasoned with. He doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And he absolutely will not stop… ever, until you know he thinks Wonder Woman is a step backwards for the portrayal of strong women in cinema.


OK, GPS the nearest car factory and steel plants.


Well, he has a fair share of such women in his movies. Ripley, Sarah Connor, Neytiri… I mean, Diana is sexy and lethal, something these women aren’t.


Having just seen the movie, it has only added to my view that Cameron is talking complete bollocks on this one.

The film was excellent.

There’s also a rather nifty epilogue sequence on the DVD/Br ‘Etta’s Mission’, where they go after what look like a mother box. No way that doesn’t play into Justice League.

Where Marvel are going for the notion that their heroes are just like us, except with powers or tech, DC are going far, far away from that. There is a gulf between Diana and the others in what they can do and she can do. She can single-handedly change what is possible for them in a way that would never be available to them. The No Man’s Land sequence demonstrates this.

Similarly, when DC decide to show superpowers, they don’t hold back and the final fight with Ares shows that off very strongly. I particularly liked how it concluded and the visual aftermath - that where Ares was, there is this massive, red-hot, smoking crater. This is arguably the first film of theirs to really nail the ‘gods among us’ angle they’ve gone for.