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Wonder Woman Movie Official Thread

Embargo’s up, and so far the reviews are mostly very positive, at least compared to the last few DCEU movies:

The only negative review so far is from The Guardian:


All the YouTube reviewers I regularly watch have given it good reviews too.

Its good to see some positive buzz around a DC movie for a change. I’m excited to go see it on Saturday now.

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I’ve booked my ticket for Thursday morning. I did a Todd and cable waited Suicide Squad and BvS so the reviews have worked to push me into the cinema.


This is the best DC movie for me so far. If I were at DC I’d look at more Alan Heinberg scripts over David Goyer ones.


Okay I was rushing to head out earlier, here’s my more detailed view.

Pros - A properly structured plot, unlike Man of Steel that loses shape half way through and BvS which was all over the shop. It has a clear 3 acts that are paced correctly. Hence my comment about Heinberg over Goyer (although the director plays a part there too of course).
It looks really nice, especially the Themiscyra scenes at the start.
Patty Jenkins can do action, there’s a certain amount of slo-mo which I know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but for me is far preferable to the Transformers style of so much going on you have no idea what’s happening.
The humour is nicely done, I was afraid DC would try to much to follow Marvel and try and insert loads of jokes, it doesn’t seem they did and what is there comes about naturally mostly out of the ‘fish out of water’ scenario she finds herself in.
Gal Gadot is really beautiful.

Cons -
It does veer towards the cliched a few times in the final act and (as it’s something I don’t normally notice but did here) overdoes the music to drive the emotion.
This is one I was really okay with but I think may annoy the more anal. Diana’s power set is very ill defined, she starts off just being good at fighting after her training, there’s a hint of a healing factor when a cut disappears, then she can leap really far and has some super strength, increasing with more abilities as the film goes on. Since it follows a progression then it can make sense she’s learning and increasing as time goes on but none of it is ever explained.
Hippolyta is like Theresa May in her u-turns, “I forbid you ever to do that!”, “Oh okay you might as well”. :smile:

Overall I enjoyed, I didn’t love it as I think at times it goes through the motions too much to be a real breath of fresh air but passed the time quite nicely for my admission fee.


How’s Steve?

I liked him. It’s not a great stretch for Pine acting wise but he’s good at what he does and they work the balance well between him being the rescued party but also heroic in his own right.


Great to hear that, the whole balance is quite central to making the character work.
Going to try and catch a showing on Saturday.

Yes I think so. There’s a temptation to make him the male version of a ‘scream queen’, which I suppose some may feel is justified to make a socio-political comment. I don’t think though that you make progress by reversing past mistakes. Trevor here takes it on the chin that he’s physically inferior and uses his skills and contacts to make himself useful and heroic.


Well … it’s the best of the NuDC films so far …

Watchable, but cheesy as anything, dodgy special effects, and an amazing ability to look gloriously camp with a monochrome palette. The actor playing Ares chews the scenery almost as much as Anthony Hopkins in the Transformers trailer.

Gal Godot is seriously gorgeous.

Plot is a bit higgeledy-piggeledy but at least there more or less is one.

I think it’s the sort of film people will end up affectionately watching on Bad Movie Nights a few years down the line.


I thought it was very good. Largely due to Gadot who I think is perfectly cast, in that she’s able to pull off the combination of feeling naive and innocent with looking strong and purposeful that the role demands.

The early scenes in Themyscira were possibly the highlight of the film for me, I enjoyed every minute of that and I loved the actress who played Diana as a child. The action is pretty great throughout (especially the assault on the beach of Paradise Island - shades of ‘300’ there in places) and Jenkins has a great eye for an arresting image. Some really nicely composed shots and some well-choreographed setpieces (in that you can actually tell what’s going on in them).

Pine is good as Trevor, he isn’t asked to stretch himself but it’s a well enough written part that fits into the plot nicely. I appreciated that the romance was played relatively lightly while still being important to the story.

The story itself is fairly by-numbers but it works. A couple of the twists were pretty obvious but still worked nevertheless when their moment came, which is always a good sign. I have to admit though that I was surprised by the reveal of Thewlis as Ares (but then I’ve been actively avoiding finding out anything else about this movie since the last trailer came out so maybe that’s common knowledge at this point).

The spots of humour worked for me even when it was fairly familiar stuff, and the handling of the WWI aspects was solid and never felt like a cheap backdrop for the movie. The feminism stuff was perhaps underplayed a bit, given the era, but probably better that than the other extreme.

The few weaknesses aside (including a couple of slightly dodgy effects shots, an unnecessary framing sequence that seems to exist only to play to the shared-universe aspects, and an action climax between WW and Ares that never feels weighty because their powers have been so ill-defined up to that point) I enjoyed it a lot.

Most of all it’s just a pleasant surprise to see such an unashamedly old-fashioned and ‘pure’ superhero story at a time when a lot of other superhero movies are trying so hard to mark themselves out as different. It shows that there’s still a place for a straightforward film like this if done well.


Are there any post credits sequences?

No. (I actually Googled it at the end of the film to see if I needed to hang around).

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I forgot to mention, another aspect I enjoyed was some supporting performances from actors that I didn’t know were in the movie, so was pleasantly surprised to see. (Like I said, I’ve deliberately not followed production of this movie too closely to preserve some of the surprises.)

Said Taghmaoui does well with the scraps of characterisation he’s given (I almost didn’t recognise him at first - La Haine is a long time ago now!), Robin Wright is good in her brief but important role, and Ewen Bremner is always entertaining, even if his character could have done with a bit more rounding out. Lucy Davis I was aware of from the trailers, but she’s pretty amusing in the few scenes she gets.

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Damn I was sat there thinking I know that actress really well but can’t place her. I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything since The Office and that’s (time to feel old now) nearly 14 years ago.


Yeah, I think the only think I remember seeing her in other than The Office was Shaun of the Dead (and that was 13 years ago!).

She was in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, but that was 10 years ago too.

I think partly it was I was used to the long blonde hair and she had it all hidden under the hat. That can often be enough (yeah I watched all of Studio 60 too so would have seen her there).

I agree with Dave though that I had no idea about a lot of the actors featured going in. I knew Robin Wright was in it from the set photos but didn’t expect Ewan Bremner or David Thewlis.

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I had heard Thewlis was in it, I think, but aside from Gadot and Pine (and Davis’ small role) I think that was pretty much all I knew about.

It’s a good cast, I’m surprised they haven’t shouted about it more.

Just saw this quote from Jenkins and I it resonates with what I felt about the movie, and why I think some of the criticisms of its ‘cheesy’ qualities are maybe missing what it’s trying to do a little bit.