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Wolverine, honey badger or Tasmanian devil?



The fact that this exists makes me happy.


I might be in the minority, but I think this is way better than Wolverine. Old Man Logan was the only compelling Wolverine story for me.


Before I even Google how big the biggest even honey badger is. It’s 100% the wolverine that would win… I can’t believe so many of you and not one thinks this. There are just to many vids of HB being a total badass haha. My reason tho. Wolverines are twice the size and twice maybe 3x thicker fur. I think a normal large 1 can be 70+ lbs but Northern Alaska they’re 120+…“like all of them”. Not to mention they live in -40 degree tem. and eat fugging elk… I give u most are dead. Idk if i beleive it but a university reported seeing a wolverine kill a polar bear… They have one of if not thee strongest jaws of any mammal and easily chew through bones. but maybe I’m biased bc the’re one of my fav animals… you know the same species as it’s lil tan bro the honey badger


Tazmanian Devil all the way. Have you seen what they do during mating season?! Terrifying.