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Wolverine, honey badger or Tasmanian devil?


All of these animals are fierce little scrappers, but which is the fiercest?


Honey badger, right?


No, because they’re too sweet!


Taz. Always Taz.



Honey Badger Don’t Care


Honey Badger. I watched a documentary on 'em and those things are BRUTAL. IT WAS FIGHTING LIONS (and winning) FOR CHRIST’S SAKE.


Only one of them is the best at what it does. Bub.


I saw a similar thing (maybe the same thing). They were smart, too. These African farmers were trying to keep them off their bee hives and whatever defence they came up with the honey badger figured out a way round (or just tore through it).


Yeah! That’s the one! It was using everything in its enclosure to climb over the walls and steal everything out of that fella’s fridge, too, haha!


Tree Shrew is more vicious than them all.


The balls on that Tassie devil.


Exactly like Wolverine haha I always thought that ever since I watched this years ago.


As a Tasmanian myself Tassie Devils are certainly tough little dudes, but they have no real predators so never really evolved into the killing machines they could be. Honey Badgers on the other hand, they are Tassie Devils who grew up in Africa. Those things fight lions and shake off snake venom. I feel like wolverines are kind of in between.


This is really sounding like the introduction of Beak.



Got to say, though, as a superhero name “Honey Badger” sucks.


Though it does sound like a Japanese superhero created by Grant Morrison…


It’s also known as a ratel. That might be slightly better.


How about… DEATH RATEL.


Hmmm … would not “Honey Badger” be a name for a female super-whatsis?
Or maybe a Bond girl.