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Win Millar for your store on Free Comic Book Day


This should be fun!

We had a thousand people show up for this when the National Bookstore in Manila won a signing from me a couple of years back. Now we’re raffling me again as the comic store with the best Millarworld cosplay this FCBD wins me for a signing these year, all expenses covered by me.

If you want me signing at your store this year - anywhere in the world - get onto your LCS and get into some Millarworld cosplay. Hit-Girl, Kick-Ass, Eggsy, Roxy, Duke McQueen, Nemesis, the Chrononauts, even American Jesus. You will rock it!



We just had a new Comic store open in our small town, I can’t wait to talk to the owner about this! FREAKIN AWESOME! :slight_smile:


Mark - you should check out Bigdaddy’s cosplay and Kick Ass videos here:


Looks like this got some coverage on CBR.