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Win Mark Millar for your store this FCBD


Anywhere in the world. Here’s how:



Shouldn’t you already be on a plane or something?


The competition happens during FBCD to be rewarded at a later date. :wink:


But we all know how much Mark loves traveling! :dromedary_camel:


We’ve got 4 characters so far! :slight_smile: A quaint little town in the Midwest US is just the kind of relaxation the chief could use. :wink:


Well that was a lot of fun! Unfortunately my brother had unexpected parental duties and couldn’t make it to be Kick-Ass, so we were down to 3 characters. We hadn’t “suited up” since last fall, and I didn’t realize how much my daughter had grown (12 yrs old and already 5’ 7" ?!) so I had to make some last minute alterations to her costume. Although my wife’s hair is the right color, she cut it short recently, requiring a wig for her Night-Bitch costume. This was the 1st time we’ve worn our costumes in public other than trick-or-treating and it was pretty cool. Galena IL is a small town but gets thousands of tourists on the weekend (every one of them a Millar fan! :wink: ) and it was the high school prom so the teenagers were out in force and rowdy anyway. :wink: It was a lot like the scene in Kick-Ass 2 when he was walking down the street and people were shouting and fist bumping him. My daughter was loving it, spinning her Mind- stick and “patrolling” the streets. We spent a few hours wandering the crowds directing people to the comic shop and getting pictures taken. It was 78 F and sunny, I have to say that’s pretty hot for these costumes but well worth it.
Have Fun Collectibles in Galena IL

The “Big Daddy Mobile” I found it ironic when I read Kick-Ass 3 and saw his truck is the same color as mine, I considered putting “F**K CRIME” on the side with white contact paper, but came to my senses. :wink:

While checking out at the end of the day I spotted this variant cover I had never seen before. My dad had a collection of Post covers hanging up when I was a kid, so this is getting framed! :slight_smile:


I’m starting to think the BigDaddy Family was mighty slow gettin’ here to MillarWorld!


@Andy - It looks like we have similar interests, AJ. Here’s my old Illinois plates.


Better late than never! :wink:


Is this the place to watch for the winning store?


It looks like Jetpack Comics won the visit, take a look at the article it looks awesome! New Hampshire is about 1200 miles away, but I drive 40,000 miles a year anyway, so another 2400 should be a breeze. :wink:
Jetpack Comics


I don’t know, that article said the winner still hadn’t been declared at the time of writing. I’m sure there will be an official announcement in due course.


Can’t promise anything just yet, but there might just be a Millar signing in Illinois before too long…keep watching for an an announcement soon.