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Will Smith as Deadshot - First pic in costume


Don’t laugh at me, but this actually looks pretty good:


It does, the team shot looks a bit too generic for me though, 3 or 4 of the blokes look much the same.


Love both of the pics, the single of Deadshot and of the team.


I do like the Deadshot one… the team one not really. Boomerang, for example, in HQ looks horrible.


I don’t know, Boomerang is one that I actually do like. It captures his can-do, expletive enameled, no one like him attitude.
It maybe goes a bit too far - but it’s one of those things where I was expecting way less.

His boomerang catching glove is pretty good too.
Croc is the best though.


I like the costume in general… it is the blue part with the open chest, etc… bits.


Had a look at the HD picture. Looks like Harley has “I :hearts: pudding” as one of her tattoos.

The lack of Joker in the line is making me wonder if he’s actually part of the team or if he’s who they’re up against.


Harley’s choker IS “Puddin”. Says it right across it.
As I mentioned in the previous thread, while they both have some faults, at least they look like they come as a pair. Although they feel more at home as a bunch of thrill-seekers than Joker/Harley.

Also, I think it’s not really who they’re up against (that’s likely Deathstroke), but rather the focus of their mission.


Ha! I completely missed that!


And, just to make it official - let’s do a Poll!


I love the Deadshot pic, and the group shot less so. It’s a bit monochromatic and nobody really stands out.

I had to look up who El Diablo was supposed to be.


I thought it was a screen cap from a new Batman game when I first saw it. I’m not sure who half of them are suppose to be. I’m still intrigued on the strength of the Joker pic though.


From left to right:

  • Slipknot
  • Captain Boomerang
  • Enchantress
  • Katana
  • Rick Flagg
  • Harley Quinn
  • Deadshot
  • Killer Croc
  • Diablo


A whole bunch of on set photos at the Dail Mail -

HQ’s high heels look like they’d be a nightmare to fight in.


They really do, and wow Property of the Joker. This movie is riding some fine lines, I wonder how “critics” will react over all this Harley. Anyway, I stand by saying that the two give off a 20-something thrillkiller sensibility.

It’s nice to see a lot of group scenes though.


Thanks, Eduardo. I’ve never heard of Slipknot.


Slipknot is the model for the whole DC Movie line.


That’s one of my pet-peeves with female super costumes. I like the sexy look, but if you are wearing protective gear you had better be able to move with agility. Overall though I think these costumes look pretty bad ass, I hadn’t even heard of this movie yet. :smile:


That’s exactly what I was thinking. :wink:

I would more readily associate the name with the band rather than a DC character.


Who the f*ckin’ hell is Slipknot?