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Continuing the discussion from The Marvel Comics Thread:

I know this board had some of its origin in the old Wildstorm board and that’s where a lot of people really started to notice Mark. The quotes above made me a little nostalgic for them. I understand why DC folded them into the regular universe. The imprint had been sliding for a while but the books seemed to lose what edge they had left in the process. I wonder if there has been any consideration to restarting some of the titles post Convergence. I would still love to see a new Jim Lee Wildcats book. Would anyone else like to see Wildstorm return? Also, does anyone ever hear from Chris Striker anymore?


I’d love a revival of:

Welcome to Tranquility
Stormwatch PHD


A true Authority book would be good too. Though the new Midnighter book looks interesting.


I’ll have to admit: I stopped reading Wildstorm just before Armageddeon. It was largely a lack of cash that caused me to stop, but the things that made Wildstorm so great were sort of lighting in a bottle - Ellis’ Stormwatch and Authority, the post-breakup Wildcats, and Planetary were special and arrived at just the right time and I’m not sure if separating them back out of the DCU would be able to recreate that.


I’m not convinced Ron. At least, not as a regular, ongoing monthly.

Reason is the threat level it requires. That initial 12 issues by Ellis-Hitch and then Millar-Quitely really set the bar and the only run that I thought matched both for sheer nerve was Brubaker-Ngyuen. DnA’s post-Armaggedon run was OK, but can’t match its predecessors.

So, I think it’d work best as a short, high impact, limited series.


I never read the Brubaker-Nguyen run. Is it good? I like both creators.


I think something like that could work - maybe a single Wildstorm comic with a rotating cast and creative team, telling short-run stories about a specific character or team and then move on?

The problem is, something like that just won’t sell in USia.


It’s pretty good, easily the best post-Millar Authority that doesn’t involve Kev Hawkins. It does some gutsy things with the cast and the events are a ood logical fallout from Coup D’etat.


I really liked it, but it’s best read with Coup D’Etat.

It does a lot with the space it’s got is the best non-spoiler comment I can make.


Does anyone talk to Chris anymore? He kind of faded away once Wildstorm disappeared.


Given the crap DC inflicted upon it, I can’t say blame him!

Shame, as his posts were always good.


Did anyone ever read DV8: Gods and Monsters? I remember being interested in the pitch but never gave it a shot.


It’s worth checking out, but it’s too bad they never got around to using the characters after that miniseries.


Holy crap. Good to see you, Chris. Welcome to the All-New Millarworld. I guess my summoning thread worked. :wink:

I have the first issue in my Wish List on ComiXology to try.


I heard through the digital grapevine that there was a call for me :blush:

Though DC may try it’s damnedest to sully my love of WS, I do have high hopes for the new Midnighter series.


Chris! Good to see you.


You too! It’s been far too long.


Incidentally, don’t know if you’ve considered them, but I’ve found Valiant’s relaunch to have the same sort of energy to it that WS had at its best. That and they do big OHC editions at a good price.

Might want to give 'em a try Chris if you haven’t already.

OK, back to WS!


A few people from the old WSU boards have been saying the same thing, I’ll probably pick them up in tpb.


It was the positive comments here that got me to check them out too, wouldn’t have known about them otherwise.