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Why Jeb Bush is still the favourite for GOP nomination




I once said no way would this country elect another Bush president, but Jeb is less scary than Trump or Cruz.


He’s on record as being for going back in time and killing baby Hitler, so there is that. :wink:


Poor baby Hitler…can I say that?



That article is from 9 months ago. Jeb is pretty much toast right now. But then if Rubio continues to screw up and Kasich continues to be reasonable he might still get it - in the way you choose between a poke in the eye or a kick in the nuts.


Oooo. I love this game. Do I get to pick which eye?


In this case, everyone else gets to choose which of your eyes gets the poke.

That’s democracy inaction!


they all scare me anymore


Since this popped up in an interwebs hissy-fit of irony, I thought it might be worth a moment of reflection.


Didn’t his grandfather make money from Hitler’s regime? The subsequent lack of funds may result in Jeb not being born creating a time paradox that will destroy us all!

Jeb Bush: He’ll destroy us all


Congratulations to Jeb Bush on the nomination.



This thread popping back up keeps making me thing the crazy has hit the fan and Jeb! is back in the running.


Sorry I meant to congratulate Ben Carson on his great win.


No, you meant He-Man. Prince Adam for President!


So Christopher Walken and General Zod have dropped out of the race? Shame.


Alas, they have. It seems Walken’s campaign manager didn’t keep enough champagne around. Or cowbell.



I had to look up who David Icke is. :wink:


I bet you’re glad you did :smirk: