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Why I want to run the arts in Scotland next decade...


This could be a lot of fun next decade…



Why just Scotland?


That’s really cool, Chief. With Sheena being a musician, I rub elbows with a lot of more arts oriented people. I think it’s a good balance with the more analytical engineering crowd I usually run with. One of them mentioned changing the push for STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) to STEAM which adds Arts to the mix. I really think for the other parts to work there needs to be a healthy creative sector.


I think large parts of the STEM obsession are nonsense for countries like the US and UK. Where I was raised engineers are being laid off as the Chinese undercut steel prices and the boom industry is TV production.

Their biggest influence now is in their domination of the entertainment business.


This would be very cool. Good luck, Mark!

I work for an arts institution and do a lot to try to sell the public on the importance of arts education. I’m currently working on something for the (state) department of tourism to try to make cultural tourism more of a priority. It’s not easy—and I suspect it will be much more difficult when the economy swings the other way—but it is rewarding.