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Why did Luthor never cure baldness?


Seriously, it’s the root of his anger against Superman and it has to be much easier than killing Superman himself.



This Lex seemed to have it sorted.

Best Lex ever?


He can’t rub it in Superman’s face if he just slaps on some Dimoxinil and runs out into the street to dance with Homer Simpson


The fact that he hasn’t figured it out only adds to his anger.

But he did rock an awesome mane back in high school:


Is this not the same man who thought purple and green were the perfect combination for a battle suit?


Secondary colors (RYB) = evil. :wink:


Because any true genius knows that Bald is Beautiful.


Simply not true - otherwise Bono wouldn’t be getting around with whatever that thing is on his head.

And we’d have had a bald James Bond (openly bald - Connery wearing a piece since his first outing doesn’t count).


Agreed. The only bald people are weirdos and criminals.


Hang on. My hairline is receding…

Ok. Right. I withdraw my challenge.


It’s interesting that to create a superhero, you kill their families, but to create a villain you disfigure them in some way.

Not meaning to give instructions, of course. Just saying.


That’s true. There is always the exception that proves the rule, like The Thing or Doom Patrol, but mostly it shakes out the way that you say.


What happens if someone kills their families and in the process they become disfigured?

Do they just, like, sit around writing about morality?



Ooo. Someone has either lied to or been very kind to you. :wink:


Are you implying that Bono is a genius?


They’re sunglasses. :sunglasses:


Bald is sexy.

Okay that last ones cheating cause that guy is way too sexy but, you get the point


This is why Millarworld needs a dislike button.


Dislikes have to be done in person. I’ll PM you my address and you can dislike me over a beer (or other beverage of your choice). :wink: