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Why can't I see my ongoing thread in CC anymore..?


I update my “Sean’s Thread of Coloured stuff” and previously it’d pop back up to the top of the CC list of threads as an update.

Now I can’t even see it on the list of threads at all… shrugs

The only way I can find it again is to go into my profile and posts list or click my bookmarks.

What’s up?



I see it fine in the “latest” list and in the CC list too.


Looks to be working as usual for me too Sean. I think it may just be that the creative section has got really busy post the competition which knocked it down the page. It’s towards the top again now with the latest post.


Yup, well I’m not seeing the thread at all. In CC, in Latest… Nowhere.

I see this thread ok though…



It may be an app/browser issue, I’m looking on the website on Chrome and it’s right below this thread there.


Is there a chance that you “Muted” the thread?


What does that mean? And how do I unmute it??..?


There’s a drop down menu at the bottom left of every thread where you can set your tracking level for the thread to Watching, Tracking, Normal or Muted depending on how interested you are in the thread.



That’s it!..!

}#%^+%}] stupid feature… mutters dark and nasty words as he unmutes


It’s pretty convenient. :wink: