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Who's your favorite Nu Dr Who team?


I voted for Smith Dr and Amy, but that’s really with Rory included. Rory’s the best companion.


Amen, brotha


Once more, i´m not original.

Altouhgh, I have to say that i loved the tragic vibe of The Capaldi Dr. and Clara; and Tennat and Donna Comedic Chemistry, the addition of Rory to the stablished mix and a really strong series of episodes makes Dr. and Amy Pond my “To go…” choice.

Plus. Karen Gillan.


Tennant and Donna.

I’ve always felt like this is the one New Who example where the actors developed a chemistry that elevated the characters’ relationship beyond the usual Doctor-companion dynamic. Those two were fantastic together.


Oh, I loved the Donna/Doctor relationship. Their banter was brilliant. The Doctor and Amy/Rory was good but what ruined it for me is that sometimes the episodes were more like the Amy Pond show rather than Doctor Who. (Just my opinion though).