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Who's your favorite Nu Dr Who team?

  • Eccleston Dr and Rose
  • Tennant Dr and Rose
  • Tennant Dr and Martha
  • Tennant Dr and Donna
  • Smith Dr and Amy
  • Smith Dr and Clara
  • Capaldi and Clara
  • Capaldi and Bill

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With the news of a new Doctor today I thought it might be interesting to get folks to speak to what they consider the high point of the Dr Who relaunch.

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No Rory?


Rory would agree he is merely an extension of Amy.


He’s hiding behind Amy.

My favorite time was the Smith & Amy era. I loved his portrayal of the Dr, an old man in a young body, someone weird and childish and silly but ragey and angry and shouty too. At times it did get a little Carry On when he was blushing about River or acting like a 8 year old a bit too hard, but I thought he was the best since Baker.

And I liked the Amy dynamic too. I loved that he was her imaginary friend, that Amy was skittish and all over the place but innocent and not cynical. They felt like good characters for kids to watch, I still think they’re the best when it comes to engaging little kids into the show. And when Rory arrived he was actually a well rounded dogsbody, and having a proper functioning couple was a nice change from the girl falling in love with the Dr (even though they messed about with it for a couple of really badly thought out episodes).


It’s close for me between Tennant & Donna, Smith & Amy and Capaldi & Bill. All great in their own way but Smith & Amy have the edge on chemistry I think, plus a longer run of good stories and more highlights overall than the other pairings.


I agree with all this. Watching the show a lot with my daughter this year, the Smith & Amy episodes have been far and away her favourites, for the reasons above.


I like Tennant more as the Doctor, but I did like the trio dynamics of Smith, Amy, and Rory.

I guess mainly because the latter was a character archetype not given much function usually but done rather well there. It felt like a bunch of people who got along, as I had tired of the romantics quotient of the show a shame well.


I think it’s a different question to pick a favourite Doctor in their own right. They’ve all been very good in their own way, not a duff one among them. Capaldi has given some amazing performances and is probably the best actor, but Smith and Tennant are both so naturally charismatic that it’s hard to choose between them.


Aye, I just meant that if I had to watch a singular one’s adventure and it’d probably be Tennant - but Smith worked rather well with his team.

Him kidnapping Rory from his bachelor night to try and coax him into some heroics or general impressiveness was amazing.


Tennant and Donna. I’ve liked them all enough, but that’s the dream team.


I’m struggling to choose between about four of them.


Capaldi is probably my favourite Doctor, but 10 and Donna are probably my favourite team. There was a poignancy to that team that I liked, particularly how it ended. It was a little bit like Flowers for Algernon. Donna’s tragedy is that she goes out into the universe with the Doctor, but has to have that knowledge taken from her and go back to her ordinary life.


Agreed. I hope 13 gets two companions instead of just the one for this reason.


Smith, Amy and Rory > Capaldi and Bill > Tennant and Donna


We’re really missing Tim as Clara isn’t doing so well right now.


Tennant, Rose and Ricky


No love for the 10th Doctor and Arthur the Horse? Just me? Okay.


That reminds me, no-one’s mentioned 12th and Jata.


Or 11 and Handles.


Handles is the best. He should win hands-down. Isn’t he the longest-serving companion?