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Who's your favorite Millarworld character?


Well? Mine is Danny from Chrononauts.


Big Daddy


Huck is my favorite.


Lorcan, Mike, Sanjay and Carlos.

Or seriously really enjoyed The Fox.


It has to be Duke McQueen.


Jodie Christianson.




Favorite or least favorite??


Jim o Hara


Duke McQueen probably


Hard to pick… I’d choose Hit-girl or Kick-ass


Huck is my favourite. He is basically the Superman ideal distilled down to the very essence.

But I think that @Miqque has a point. Walter is absolutely fascinating as a character.


It’s funny. I was about to say Hit-Girl, but I also love Huck.

And I know where Chloe’s going and she’s a huge one for me too.

And I love the family in Empress, Sane likewise awesome.

Same for Eggsy from Secret Service and Superior and Duke and the Chrononauts.




A question for you Mark - Do you ever create a character and think “I just hate that guy”? Or do you have to like your characters, or at least empathise with them a little bit? Even the bastards.


I had a massive long answer here that I genuinely just accidentally deleted before posting.


What’s annoying is that it was v thoughtful. But in short… Absolutely! You should hate your villains so the reader feels good when they’re taken down, but the best villains have a rationale that they utterly believe in as nobody’s the bad guy in their own story. Walter in Jupiter’s is maybe the best example of this, the whole problem being down to his vanity and being an overlooked younger brother. What he does to achieve his ends of fixing things is awful, but his very basic intentions are good.



That’s really interesting. Of course, from Walter’s perspective, he’s doing the right thing, but he obviously has a huge chip on his shoulder. He has been a superhero since the depression, so he isn’t that he’s self-centred.

Note: I may be mildly obsessed with Walter. I think he’s like the Walter White of superhero comics. There is so much complexity there.


He feels his brother was limiting himself and the real problem can be fixed by superior intellects. But in reality the wisdom of crowds tends to work better than individual experts, which is the fundamental of democracy. I had this whole scene I wanted in here which I might be able to use in a sequel about this. But Walter’s problem is what he’s willing to do to make the right thing happen. Starvation and war is bad, but how you end those things is the mark of who you really are when you have unlimited power.





Will, just sent you #4 btw. A must-read for Skyfox fans!!