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Who's your favorite DC character?


Just did one of these for Millarworld, and it’s surprising to see the diversity of responses. So I’m curious if the other publishers have the same diversity. First up is DC.

My favorite DC character by miles is Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle.


Batman. There’s something that’s just so strong about the Batman concept. You can bend it and twist it in all sorts of ways, from the campiest take to the grittiest version, from ancient history to the far-flung future, and as long as you retain just a few key elements of the concept, it holds strong. It works.

(Plus, he has the cool costume and car and everything.)




Hmmm. This is a tough one. :wink:



Although if there was no Superman it would be a hard choice between Booster Gold and the Wally West Flash. To this day I develop a broad grin when I read the words “I’m Wally West. I am the Fastest Man Alive”.


Orion, of da Nu Gawds.


My wife’s 13-year old nephew asked me this a few weeks ago and I realized I didn’t have one. When I was a kid, I loved Batman but as I got older the passion faded away. I also used to really like Green Lantern, Hawkman, Flash, Aquaman and the Atom when I was very young but that was due to Super Friends and the reruns of The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure. Any interest in those characters is chalked up to nostalgia than anything else.

I guess I don’t have a favorite DC character.


Maybe Jim should have asked if you have a soul?


My first loyalty was always to Marvel.

I do have a soul. It is a dark maelstrom that consumes the souls of those near me and whose hunger for more never ceases. :wink:


Moore’s Swamp Thing… (cliched i know but made me love the character)

Or Chuck Dixon’s NightWing :smiley:


It’s probably Batman for me.

I’m almost at re stage Ive followed the character in some form or another for what seems like forever, providing there’s good writers on board.
Thankfully Batman comics have been blessed with that in abundance over the years.

Next is probably Animal Man, I’ve always loved Buddy Baker and get a buzz when he crops up here and there in things like 52. Closely followed by Blue Beetle (Kord) and Booster Gold which comes from reading those notorious and brilliant Justice League books back when I was a youngster.

I also like Damian Wayne a lot.


Pre-Flashpoint Tim Drake, Robin/ Post-Rebirth Tim Drake, Red (sigh) Robin.

The new52 version of the character was an abomination


Did Tim Drake change drastically from New 52 to Rebirth?


oh, Lobo too!


I would say Nightwing is on the top of my list of favorite DC characters. :smile:


I read a handful of his early new52 Teen Titans appearances, and didn’t recognise him.

More recently, I read Robin War and Batman & Robin: Eternal, and likewise found his characterisation disappointing.

To me Tim’s always been the most human of the Robins. He might be a technical wiz and a great detective, but the thing that appealed to me was he always wore his heart on his sleeve. In the new52 they emphasised the former and forgot about the latter.

I’ve seen a marked improvement on that score since Rebirth.

The other thing that didn’t help the new52 version was that god awful costume and horrendous revamped origin (that I secretly hope has been re-revamped!).




Booster Gold.

Although he’s given a run for his money by the DCAU version of The Question.


You’d think I’d choose Batman, but…

Batman is psychotically devouted to not deal with his parents death in a constructive manner. Sisyphus.

Since he’s been injected into the mainstream, I’m going to have to go Midnighter.


My kids sometime ask me who I’d like to be, if I could be any superhero. I always say Superman. I love Batman. He’s way cooler, but I would never want to be him. He’s a nutcase.