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Who's the worlds most famous person?


So I’m sitting in a bar in Vegas for business, watching people walking in and thinking about some of the famous folks who might have stopped by here. And it prompted a question: who would cause the most excitement if they walked into any bar on the planet?

It can’t be Obama as half the US hates him. I thought maybe Arnie, or Shaq or LeBron. Tom Cruise maybe. The Rock. Who’d get the most attention if they walked in right now?





That’s such a good skit.


Considering we were only at the tail end of the British Empire when she Queen’d up, I’d have to say Elizabeth II.

She’s known on every continent which is the main factor here. India, Asia, Africa… they all have their celebrities, western or otherwise, but it would be hard to find a room anywhere in the world where people hadn’t at least heard of the Queen of England. The British Empire crushed it for so long, even in the smallest and darkest edges of of the world, they came in and pished everywhere in her name. It helps that Victoria reigned at the height of the Empire, the title has deep grounding there, too.


If you are talking ‘world’ you’d have to exclude the US sports stars, their reach isn’t that wide. It’d be music or films.

I’d think people may be most excited by a legend, even if they aren’t currently hot. Paul McCartney or Prince or Madonna or the aforementioned Arnie would get me more excited than say Adele or Beyonce or Chris Pratt even though they are the guys making all the money right now.


I wouldn’t write of Shaq. If he walked in right now every single person would stop talking and turn. Dudes a huge man.


Throughout the globe, just the english speaking western world, or just America?


The most famous person is the one who never has to be introduced or contextualised.
If you can pull that off, so that you’re recognised regardless of where you are, you’re the most famous person in the world.

I think that title was held by Michael Jackson.
I don’t know if anyone has even come close to that in recent memory.

Notoriety is the flipside of fame. The “excitement” is just different.


There would certainly be quite a fuss if he walked into a bar in Vegas today.


The pope


By that rational then that really tall Chinese (?) man - the one whole holds the world’s tallest man title - would be even more famous. While I recognise the name Shaq and LeBron (and that’s probably just from exposure to them being mentioned on this board) I wouldn’t know them from and other really tall dudes.

Given the size of the countries’ population wouldn’t the biggest Indian or Chinese star win the contest of “most famous person in the world” due to the sheer strength in numbers of their fan base?


Y’know what’s funny? I didn’t even know the pope wasn’t Ratzinger anymore.
I literally didn’t know he had been replaced. Hell, I didn’t even know the emissary of God could resign from his post. Live and learn I guess.


That’s the beauty of The Pope.

It’s like Batman. It doesn’t master who is under the mask/whitecap. There is always a Pope. He’s immortal.


Homer Simpson


I think there’s probably a fairly strong demographic line to draw.

Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Justin Bieber are probably more famous among anyone born in the last 20 years then Tom Cruise, Shaq or Arnie.

I do seem to remember seeing a breakdown of the top searched celebrities by country, and noting that Swift featured prominently, but also noting that I didn’t recognise a lot of the names searched in places like Zimbabwe or Korea.


Will Smith. I don’t know why, but I get the feeling he’s probably one of the most famous persons on earth… other than that, Stallone and Ah’nuld! Yes yes, they’re 80’s action stars, but they are HUGE in 3rd world countries, and everyone everywhere else knows them as well.


The world’s tallest man is from Pakistan I believe (or was until recently, I saw him in the local shopping mall). There is however Yao Ming the 7’ 6" ex NBA player who would probably be the most famous in that sport because there are loads of Chinese people.

I don’t think just turning heads and starting conversation is enough to be famous though, I could manage that by walking down the road nude with a flowerpot on my head. :smile:


Superman is the most famous person in the world…


This is interesting as in who would create the most excitement?

I’ve been in situations with some of these guys and weirdly sometimes someone currently super-famous just creates a mild buzz, people looking over and chatting about it, never approaching. Two groups of people send a room into a frenzy. Politicians and celebrities from the past.

Seriously, I can’t name names on the biggest stars in the world and how they just create some excitement, but people from your past like Bill Murray or Dan Ackroyd or in the old days a Robin Williams and so on always have a room going mad. People won’t walk up to Angelina, but they will be all over Lee Majors and the whole room will go crazy. It’s really weird. But politicians trump all. I’ve been in a room with Tony Blair and Alex Salmond and even people who completely disagree with them are all over them like a rash. It’s a mad energy.

So I would go Bill Clinton. Whatever that crazy charisma is that gets you elected is just like a tidal wave in real life, in terms of a room changing when you walk into it.