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Who's the next big movie star?


Curious to see who folks think is poised to be a big breakout star. Someone who’s either done bit roles or has a TV gig, and is poised to become the next big lead actor or actress.

If you had $100 million as a studio head to invest in a new property with a new lead, who’d you choose?

I’ll start with 2 guys:

Glenn Howerton (from Always Sunny):

I think Dennis is an amazing character, and he’s good enough looking to be a lead yet funny enough to be a slapstick goofball. He’d tried out for Starlord and lost to Chris Pratt but I can see why they considered him. I think he just needs his big break.

Luke Arnold (from Black Sails):

His John Silver was funny and charming, but he could also do convincing action. And as the series progressed he showed his chops as an actor with a good amount of range.


Dan Stevens (David Haller, Legion)

His acting in Legion is brilliant. He can do funny and serious, broad and subtle. He was in the live action Beauty and the Beast but I don’t think that truly showed his range by any stretch.


He had some of the best lines in Beauty and the Beast, which is a low bar, but it was nice in that movie.

I’ll agree with Dan Stevens for sure.


He’s charismatic as hell in The Guest.


He elevated the Guest I would say


Yeah, it’s a pretty outrageous movie, not always in a good way. Wouldn’t have worked at all without him. (Or its awesome score.)


Dan Stevens is the name that immediately springs to mind for me as well.


I’d like to see Matt Lauria make it big. He was great in Friday Night Lights and has brought depth to his character Ryan on Kingdom.


He was fantastic in the Guest as well. I figured that if Marvel needed to recast Captain America (and they were happy to go with an Englishman) he was their guy.

And then he turned up in A Walk Among the Tombstones and was completely different.

He has a great range as an actor.


I’ve mentioned him being Mirror Master…but honestly, with the Guest back in mind along his softer roles…he could have the moxie to be Orion.


When the filming of Game of Thrones wraps, there could be a few actors from there to do really well on the big screen. There are a lot of Fan Favourites, like… Kit harrington. Just an example.

Also, when the new Star Wars trilogy ends perhaps.


Probably the guy who is playing Aquaman in this new JL movie.


Oscar Isaac and John Boyega have the right stuff.


Isaac is great but I don’t see people in large numbers someday saying, “let’s go see the new Oscar Isaac movie.”


He needs the right project, I think.

I guess that could be said of most of the names that’ll be listed here.

That’s the problem with the scarcity of big movie stars these days. Remember when Fury Road came out and beneath all the praise there was the general sentiment that they don’t make movies like this anymore?

Blockbusters are cookie cutter now. Part of being a star is appearing in classic movies, movies that will endure. Ford had a ridiculous amount of them. Arnie had Terminator, Predator, Conan, True Lies, some others. Stallone had Rocky and Rambo. Keanu–Speed, Point Break, The Matrix. All movies with a strong sense of identity. They didn’t feel churned out by committee, or at least, strongly overseen by committee.

That’s a rare sight for blockbusters these days.


Robert Pattinson seems like he’s still in the running to be the next big star. Apparently he just wowed everyone at Cannes. And he’s still young enough where that will mean something.


How’s Robert Pattinson not already a movie star?


Everyone remembers Twilight and that insanely corny movie he did about 9/11 that everyone mocked.


Insofar as his only hits were the Twilight movies. Movie stars tend to have multiple hits. At the moment he’s the textbook definition of a franchise star.


From GoT, Coster-Waldau was in a few movies in the meantime, but then he’s been around for a long time. Will probably stay a supporting actor.

Other picks:

There’s Bill Skarsgard, who was very good in Hemlock Grove. He’s got charm and looks, and he’s only in his twenties, and he’s already been in Divergent, and now he’s Pennywise (!) in the new It movie. Bloody Skarsgard family.

Michael B. Jordan has proven himself in quite a few movies now, and I expect him to keep going. I think he could be a star, possibly.

Where Star Wars is concerned, forget the men. Daisy Ridley is the one who I think will come out big with this.