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Who's the best current artists these guys have to offer?


Teen Titans Group

Yes, I am going on another raid and no you don’t know why yet :slight_smile:



Just limited to these books or do all DC & Marvel artists count?


Burnham, I’m thinking.


If it is not limited to the books in question, here are some of mine.

Russell Dauterman - Currently on Mighty Thor and killing it.

David Marquez - Just finished a great run on Invincible Iron Man and upcoming on Civil War II.


There is one artist I would love to see you work with: Tradd Moore

He is the artist on the Luther Strode minis at Image. His style is super-kinetic but incredibly detailed. When looking at his art, you feel the motion. If you have a fast-paced, high energy project, Tradd Moore is your man! He did a short run not too long ago on a revamped Ghost Rider.

From one of the Luther Strode minis:


Another one:

Chris Samnee - He finished a long run on Daredevil with Mark Waid not too long ago and is now doing Black Widow with Waid. The first issue is one long, amazing action sequence of Natasha escaping a Helicarrier.

Can’t find a decent link, sorry.


Nobody is safe, but DC easier or me to steal from morally than Marvel when I do my raids :slight_smile:



I hear Greg Capullo’s been pretty popular on Batman…


You might also consider that Pitarra guy. If he asks you to arm-wrestle, say NO! (He just won a medal for the first time, and got engaged!)


Pitarra is amazing . Met him in Edinburgh at the weekend and not only is he incredibly good but also very quick.


Sitting here right now I realise I don’t have a clue who is drawing any of the Teen Titans books.


OK. Lemme go down DC’s roster.

Nicola Scott - On Black Magick with Greg Rucka right now. Getting ready to go on Wonder Woman with Rucka.

Francis Manapul - Was on Flash for a long time. Getting read to do Trinity with DC Rebirth.

Amanda Conner - Did a great run on Power Girl. Has been on and will continue on Harley Quinn.

Andy Kubert - Currently working on Dark Knight III and doing an amazing job.

John Romita Jr. & Bryan Hitch also have pretty prominent roles there if you could ever tempt them back. :wink:


Tradd Moore is an indie. Free Range Artist!


You ain’t getting near Nicola until she finishes her dream gig on WW!

You had chances. Many, many chances. Now there will be a hiatus until the exclusivity contract is completed.

Then I expect you to do the right thing.

Which is to produce. Yup, not write, more produce/direct. Put Gail Simone and Nicola together, with what colorists and letterers and editors they want, and turn them loose to produce their own “Dark Knight Returns”. Totally original, of course! But it may be the project that turns you into Stan Lee Junior!



This guy Mark! This guy!!


Yeah, for me it’s Tradd Moore as one of THE favorites right now, along with James Harren (of those you haven’t worked with). Both of those guys are doing incredible things, and neither of them are currently doing Big 2 work.

Likewise, I don’t know where he went to, but JEROME OPENA has to be on your creator bucket list. If you’re doing anything with a sense of scale, he’s one of the best in the business.

Aside from Burnham, Aaron Kuder is doing that some Quitely-inspired work and killing it. One of the storytelling geniuses of his generation.


Mark and Tradd Moore working together would produce one of the wildest, most insane comic books ever.


His car chase scenes are like no one else. It’s like Fast and Furious in comic form.


Do we really want a guy who does not drive writing a car chase comic?

I think maybe the person with a couple hundred speeding tickets?


The car/bike chase was 100% my favourite part of Nemesis.