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Who's the best current 2000AD artist?


Basically, who should I poach next? :slight_smile:



Neil Googe has a very clean cartoony style for a light hearted piece. His stuff is kind of a mix of Alan Davis and Jamie Hewlett.


I love Henry Flint’s stuff. I’m still annoyed at myself for not buying the original art for this page when it came up a while back.

I also love his furious Hershey too!

Phil Winslade on Dan Abnett’s Lawless is great too.


I don’t read 2000AD but I remember liking the art by Leigh Gallagher. Does he still work for them?


Yeah he does. I think he just finished up on the Defoe:


I love Rich Elson’s stuff on Kingdom.


Have a look at Tiernan Trevallion. (Great name as well!)

Or possibly Mike Dowling (though I’d be loather to see him leave Unfollow)


I mentioned recently I liked Mark Sexton’s stuff (who helped storyboard Mad Max: Fury Road).

John ‘George & Lynn’ Burns is still churning out a lot of work for them, I checked and he’s 78 years old!

I’d love it if he got on a Millarworld book and got nominated for best newcomer at the Eisners. :smile:


I’m not real familiar with 2000AD but this cover by Ulises Farinas with colors by Ryan Hill looks pretty stellar. It has a nice Chris Burnham/Nick Pitarra vibe to it.


He did some cool stuff with Joe Casey.
Note to Millar: poach artists that have worked with Joe Casey.


strong textMike Dowling on Anderson was the one who excited me most recently, very evocative of Arthur Ranson. However, as has been suggested unthread he’s broke the US already in Unfollow - so hands off Millar, that’s a special book and I’d prefer him to stay on it till the end.

He also did Death Sentence with Montynero, although I never read past the first issue so his work wasn’t has memorable there.

Jon Davis Hunt is also off the scale great, but again he’s been snapped up at Vertigo - they are way ahead of the curve at the moment - on Clean Room with Gail Simone and there he better remain until that story reaches its natural conclusion.

Flint, Gallager and Elson have all been mentioned.


There should be no delay in snatching up Farinas.

I think you’d be good for him.


I thought Farinas’s work looked familiar. He’s done some illustrations for Wired Magazine.


Can’t find the first thing I saw from him, but Immanuel - who worked at my LCS - printed it out and it became viral, at least around here. I’m thinking the original was about poster-sized, Doctor Strange in the Sanctum Sanctorum.