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Who's still got it?


Inspired by the other thread about talented people who later lost that spark, I thought it might be nice to explore the other, more positive side of that coin: what top talents have managed to stay consistently great, even as their contemporaries have faded?

John Williams stands out for me - after a long career filled with amazing and iconic music he’s still working on movies and coming up with strong new stuff (like his work on The Force Awakens, and more recently The Last Jedi).

Another is Tarantino - everybody has their favourites and lesser favourites of his movies, but even when you take into account his occasional misfire I think he’s still making great must-watch films that I’m guaranteed to want to watch simply because it’s him.

David Attenborough is another one whose appeal has never waned for me. I think he’s a special talent who has genuinely made the world a better place with his work, and continues to do so with every project.


Ridley Scott. Maybe not story wise, but he’s still got en eye.


David Lynch - Twin Peaks: The Return shows he’s still got it and Episode 8 showed why he is a master of the craft.


In regards to John Williams, I listened to The Force Awakens soundtrack in one uninterrupted sitting and was surprised by how great it was.
I can’t believe it took me over two years to do that.


I was really impressed by how good it was too. I was expecting it to largely rehash the old themes but there was a lot that was new and different there.

I haven’t done it with the Last Jedi soundtrack yet - partly because (maybe mistakenly) I didn’t feel like I heard much that was new or interesting in the movie - but I plan to at some point.


Great list Dave. I’d add Hans Zimmer.

I think Kurt Russell still has it. He felt like a movie star in GotG, after all these years he had his sparkle. Jeff Goldblum too if we’re looking at Marvel actors.

Shatner still has that weirdness that made his adorable in his retirement years. Michael Caine can still be the strongest actor in an scene. Unless Anthony Hopkins is in the same scene - his work in Westworld was wonderful. Michael Keaton not only still has it, he got more of it with age.


Oh, that reminds me of another one - Ed Harris.


I loved Russell in Deepwater Horizon recently.


Lynch…however if that question was asked 12 months ago his name wouldn’t have cropped up.

People are fickle as fuck

By the way I saw Pratt’s name being mentioned on the other thread, he never had it to lose it.

That was just people blowing their beans over Guardians that built him up.


Judging from The Shape of Water, Guillermo del Toro has gotten it back.

Dames Helen Mirren, Judy Dench, and Maggie Smith all still have it. Upcoming actresses would do well to model their careers and behavior on these three ladies.

Stephen King still has it.


This will raise some eyebrows but… Bruce Campbel.
His Ash, is still as funny and Kick ass as in the movie, some 30 years ago.

John Goodman.
You probably never think of him in the “Great actor Castegory” but his mere prescence elevates every movie he is on (like Paul Giammati, or Steve Buscemi).

It has been said, but John Williams is still marvelous (and his Last Jedi score made me cry… twice).

Peter David, Mark Waid, Garth Ennis… yeah, it appears that is a little too early to talk about this guys, but we´ve been hearing their names for the best part of three decades already.


The British stage background practically steels you from “losing it,” although admittedly as you get older the amount of available roles start to shrink (and the amount of good ones seem to all go to Mirren, Dench, and Smith).


I know it probably seems like a while since some people have seen any new work but I’ve seen the preliminaries on some upcoming books and @Mark_Millar definitely still has it.


He’ll be watching the calendar for him turning 50 like Scrooge waiting for the Ghost of Christmas Future.


He’ll be working twice as hard these next two years and just rolling around in his Netflix cash after that. :wink:


And he still has It.


Fincher. He’s had a few miss-steps (Ben Button and…?) and some good efforts didn’t get much attention (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) but considering he’s behind two of Netflix’s best shows on top of his movie work, it’s a pretty impressive run.


Pleased to see Christopher Priest still has it after his sabbatical. Liking Deathstroke a lot, especially.


Gary Numan.
It lost it for a while but since 1994 he hasn’t put out a bad album.
The new one is amazing


He’s amazing live too. I’ve got tickets to see him again in March.