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Who's my next artist steal from Marvel or DC?


Jeremy Haun is doing a creator owned series for Image called The Beauty.

He mostly writes it though, does some interiors and the covers, which are great.


Agree with a lot of the people mentioned here. Ivan Reis I would love to see do something outside DC and a Millarworld project would be a dream. How about Mike Deodato? There is also an ongoing joke of Tony Daniel always follows Greg Capullo so I would like to throw his name in the hat too.
You got Dave Gibbons how about the master Jose Garcia Lopez?


Oh and Howard Porter has gotten even better since his amazing runwith Morrison on JLA all those years ago.


I stumbled across Jeremy Haun’s pencils 15 years ago on an indie series called PARADIGM that was briefly picked up by Image. He is one of the great unknown talents.


Until now:

Good choice though, and some of the action in issue #1 reminded me of Millarworld a little…


I see a Rachel Stott on artwork for that book but not Nicola Scott.


Hah, read what I wanted to read, clearly! I dug the first arc of Black Magick, but ultimately it wasn’t for me. Now Stott on the other hand… :smile:


Some… UNEVEN choices in here :slight_smile:

But a couple of good ones too. I’m always fascinated that people will often like a C-list artist as much as someone maybe making 4-5X per page. Generally, page rates are based on what your last couple of books sold and they grow as your career at a company expands, but some surprises here. Some guys I would regard as not very good at all pimped over A-plus dudes, which is really interesting.



I don’t know, Jeremy Haun and Sana Takeda apart most of these people are on the best selling books (and I think they aren’t too into working on superhero stuff for the big two at the moment).

Obscure stuff has come up in these threads before but there isn’t much c-list here sales-wise.

Just for selling power, the Top 10 artists on the best selling books for January 2018:

  1. Gary Frank (Doomsday Clock)
  2. Greg Capullo (Metal)
  3. Joelle Jones (Batman)
  4. Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead)
  5. Pepe Larazz (Avengers)
  6. Sean Murphy (Batman mini)
  7. Ryan Stegman (Venom Inc)
  8. Cully Hamner (Batman and the Signal)
  9. Marco Checcetto (Old Man Hawkeye)
  10. Salvador Larocca (Star Wars)

We should have mentioned Gary Frank, the comic is a little weird but his work on Doomsday Clock is brilliant.


That’s fascinating. On name alone, I wouldn’t run to the shelves for any of those creators.
But add the right project and writer then my interest is perked.


Oh shit, wait I know who… Stjepan Sejic would also be great… His Witchblade era art was already very impressive, but his new style is very cool too… a little more simple and relaxed, but still great.


I’m surprised you’ve never worked with Alan Davis. He is still in top form although his A-plus days are behind him. That is something I’d like to see, but then I’m over 40.

Arthur Adams fits the same category.


That’d be a nice get too… dunno about Davis… last thing I saw from him it was really bad =/


Nonsense, Davis is as good as ever, it must have been a problem with your specs.


This wasn’t as good =/

Mind you, before we get into a debate here, it’s not like he’s crap or anything, but the last thing I read with him (that GotG story) looked really rushed and not that impressive, tbh… I didn’t like it at all.


Yes but for context the last thing you liked was in August 2013. Just kidding. :smile:


I also must wonder what Walt Simonson is up to this week.


Writing and drawing Ragnarok, it’s no great mystery. Google is your friend.


I would definitely go with Pepe Larraz, I found his run on uncanny avengers just brilliant.

i haven’t seen anybody mention the great adam hughes who definitely is a A-list artist :slight_smile:

And last, because he’s french like me, and such a great artist, you should consider Bengal:


Hmm. Bengal really is good.He and I were talking a while back. Pepe also terrific.

Adam and I talk all the time, but chances of six issues from the great man very slim.