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Who's my next artist steal from Marvel or DC?


Well then he should snatch either Sana or Guillem… they’re pretty much the best in the “ameri-manga” style right now.


A Kubert.

Jim Lee.


Jim Cheung or Joelle Jones


Adam, Andy or both?


Never say never but Jim Lee might be the one artist Mark can’t steal, for obvious reasons.


Fiona Staples is still amazing.


Just a Kubert. Any Kubert will do.


Too caught up in her creator owned stuff I think. Though I’m not sure Saga has mainstream appeal. It’s need a huge budget and would have a small base of support.

I love the suggestion of Tony Moore.


I still think Russell Dauterman doesn’t get enough recognition.

And Travis Charest for possibly a one-shot. :wink:


I don’t think he’s the draw he once was to be honest. Not sure if he’s moved the sales dial for a few years


Big Yes to Russell Dauterman


Well, he’s been making some less obvious decisions on what to do recently, stuff he seems interested in doing rather than mere sales grabs. Suicide Squad was closest to a sales grab, when everyone thought the movie would make the comic a huge draw. Which didn’t end up happening, as the movie was not well received. He designed Scooby Apocalypse, which I still think is insanely cool of him. But it wasn’t going to be a huge seller. Now he’s doing Immortal Men. That’s an entirely new concept. His biggest draws have been well-established properties like X-Men, Batman, Superman. He makes icons look iconic. That’s his thing. That’s his draw.

Honestly, the artist that’s interested me the most recently is Greg Smallwood. He’s a genius.


How about Alex Ross? Greg Land maybe?Arthur Suydam.


Doug Mahnke.


Oooh, a real steal. And desperately in need of a project that reminds everyone that he really is an elite artist.


What’s he been up to? I’ve always been a big fan of Mahnke.



He’s on Superman.


Not even sure where he is at now, but Jeremy Haun is awesome. He’s the guy who did Red Hood the Lost Days.


Yeah, he and Gleason started out as the main alternating artists.


Chris Samnee…

A Freaking Genius.