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Who's my next artist steal from Marvel or DC?


Nobody can’t be got :slight_smile:

I bring this up here instead of Twitter as Twitter very quickly becomes a stroke-fest where artists just talk about artist pals and then you get hundreds of LIKES and THANK YOU, YOU’RE GREAT TOO REPLIES :slight_smile:

I’m after the brutal honesty of the smart reader here. We have Olivier. We have our secret artist. Who else gets you very, very, very excited? I mean A-plus list.



Esad Ribic

Mitch Gerads

Chris Samnee

Patrick Gleason

Clayton Mann

All 5 aren’t just great artists, they’re also great storytellers.


Sana Takeda


Yeah I think Ribic is the best artist in the big two. He needs a lot of lead time though.

I’ve thought for a while Ivan Reis would be good on a Millarworld book, particularly one of the superhero ones.

Dunno if Mikel Janin is on the “A+” list yet but he is getting very popular and he would be good for a Millarworld book. He just did the “war of jokes and riddles” arc in Batman.


I’m a really big fan of Ivan Reis’ art so he’s would be a really awesome pick. Lee Weeks is also a good choice. Or Jason Fabok. :smile:


Mikel doing amazing stuff right now. Esad is a God.



Since he’s jumped ship maybe you could try and grab Bendis’ favourites at Marvel.

Sara Pichelli:

David Marquez:


Those are great choices. Wasn’t Pichelli a regular here once upon a time?


Same names as last time

Jon Davis Hunt

Mike Dowling


Not that I can recall. Maybe someone else can remember.

Lest I forget for any action book David Aja is pretty peerless.


yeah for scale Ribic, or thoughtfulness Aja. Obviously it depends on the book you’re doing but no one does smarter layouts than Aja.

Of course, JH Williams III somehow keeps getting better, too. ANd he was brilliant 15 years ago.


Might I suggest Mahmud Asrar:


I think your #1 target should be Nicola Scott. She’s got a great rep & following now, she can actually draw the mundane stuff like buildings and cars and clothing that most artists skip over, and while her art isn’t very stylistic and comes off as very clean she’s never really had a big widescreen high concept comic to sink her teeth into. She feels very current.

She’d be my pick for that thing you sent me this morning for example.


Nicola on anything. Top genius. For the love of Grud save Leinil from Marvel! Doug Braithwaite for classic stuff.


Patrick Gleason and Mikel Janin.


I would love to see some old school Scotty young again.


He did mention in an interview recently that he would struggle for a bit if he were to try and draw “normal proportions again” after being so embedded with his current style.

Tony Moore

Tony Moores art has a visceraldirty quality that I find quite appealing. If he was given a bit of time a 4-6 issue arc from him could be outstanding

Ryan Ottley is just off Invincible and has some pretty impressive big-screen action chops.


Agree with the above comments for Ribic, Gerrads and Aja


Ribic has a creator owned book out this week at Image, with Ivan Brandon, Nic Klein, and Tom Muller:

Nicola Scott’s also at Image, on Black Magick with Rucka.


David was a regular here for a while IIRC… Not Sara

I’ve been suggesting Sana Takeda for a while, but I don’t think Mark is into the manga style… =(

*Oh and Guillem March too… but he’s also quite manga-ish.


I’ve seen some of the Hit Girl upcoming comic, maybe not. :wink:


Yep. Mark picked Ricardo Lopez Ortiz because of his heavily manga influenced style.