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Who would you like to see do a fan-chat?


We’ve had sean Murphy, gary Whittaker, scott Snyder and Frank quitely. This Wednesday we have the brilliant kelly sue deconnick.

Give me some ideas of your dream live chats over the next few weeks and I’ll make those dreams come true.

Willy Wonka


Wow, you’re on fire with the threads today, Chief.

I would like to see Jim Lee or Joe Quesada. It would be nice to see them interviewed for their own sake again instead just company specific things.


Frank Miller would be amazing but it might be too much of a tall order!

JHW3 would be cool.

And Bryan Hitch should come on for one. Did he sign up to the new board yet?


Keith Giffen… but I fear he would have to much fun with us.
Too, too, much fun with us.


So hard to say! I’m such a sap - I pretty much like everybody. How about Mike Marts? A name I know, a man I do not, and apparently a new free agent. Bryan, of course! I miss his semi-regular appearances. I’m torn, people I know, people I don’t know? Maybe film people? Maybe an exec from Universal I can oh-so-politely interrogate about how come Mike’s Elric: Making of a Sorcerer remains in pre-production hell even though they just re-upped and by all that’s good business should have come out in late February as the perfect antidote for just a little too much of the Hobbit movies and how come I see no offers and dollars for a screenplay? Or Tommy Lee Edwards, who has not been by in too long a time! Sure, it would be cool to have Joe Quesada come by; even cooler if he could be Joe the Artist and long-time fan and just feel comfortable enough to chat about likes and dislikes and tales of Jimmy Palmiotti.

Make up my mind, willya?


If you could get Nic Cage somehow that’d be grand.


What about Kurt Russell? :wink:


I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high, haha.

As for comic book people BKV or Matt Fraction would be great.
I’d love Grant Morrison the most but I get the feeling that won’t ever happen.


I thought Russell did a great job recently in Furious 7.


I actually haven’t see that. I’ve only seen one of those movies (5 if you must know).


It’s pretty much an ode to the whole series. I mean, nawwwws.


I second the vote for Bryan Hitch.

And a vote for Duncan Fegredo, too.


Dare we say the incantations and summon Layman? I’m interested to hear what his post Chew plans are.


Layman is always good value.

There’s a few writers moving away from big two work in the footsteps of mark, Fraction, Hickman and Gillen. It would be interesting to hear their plans and views on the industry.


Dave Gibbons, Art Adams and/or Michael Golden.


If you can get Keith Giffen, Mark, I can guarantee at least 50 Legion of Super-Heroes fans signing up for the board.

Of course, approximately half of these will just be here to hurl abuse at Mr. Giffen…


Walt Simonson, Mark Evanier, Jim Shooter, David Lapham, Howard Chaykin, Sean Phillips or Ed Brubaker.

Man, I’m pretty old school…


Giffen would be adept enough at handling himself, I’m sure.
This is a guy whose colleagues say he doesn’t have a twitter because he would break it.


Giffen is awesome. One of the coolest guys I’ve met at cons. What says Ohara? :wink:


I’ve just thought of the perfect interview candidate…

:boom: ROB LIEFELD :boom: