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Who would you get to do the Chrononauts movie?


I’m talking about actors, directors, the whole lot. Tell me who you would get for the job in a perfect world.


Michael Bay.

Seriously, he has great visual flair and he’s utterly dependent on the source material.

Give him a fun script with lots of opportunities to show off what he does best and then stand well back!

Just don’t let him rewrite anything.


Roger Zemeckis.


Hmm, that’s an interesting idea. I don’t think it’s possible to stop him from rewriting though. I listened to the commentary for the Transformers movies and most of the awful and crude comedic scenes were added in by him. I feel like he wouldn’t give 100% unless he could add in little bits like that.


Honestly, given the fast-moving story, the humour, the strong visual concepts and the funky sci-fi aspects, I’d love to see what Edgar Wright would do with it.


A great idea!
Surely not with Frost and Pegg though?


Ha, I don’t think so somehow. :smile:

Casting is a bit more difficult - I’d like to see a bit more of the characters first to see where the story takes them.


Yeah, I can understand that.
I thought that making this thread with only one issue out was a bit premature, but the announcement of the movie deal really got me thinking. :thought_balloon:


Joe Cornish keeps being mentioned for genre films, and he hasn’t followed up ‘Attack the Block’ yet.

He’s supposed to be doing ‘Snow Crash’ but who knows if that’s going to happen?


Given the connection to Fast & Furious with Chris Morgan producing, I wouldn’t mind seeing Justin Lin in charge of it.


Nice idea. I’m looking forward to seeing what Cornish does next.


For the actors I’d like to see Chris Pine and Chris Evans.


After their Superbowl bet, I think Chris Pratt and Chris Evans would make a great buddy team.


Chris Pratt is top of everyone’s “next big thing” list and Pine used to be top of it (he needs a hit that isn’t called ‘Star Trek’).

They would be a very good team.


That’s fair. I would just like to see the next Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. I think it takes some comradely off screen to have that onscreen chemistry.


It depends on what age range we’re looking at?

Damon and Affleck are in their mid-forties and starting to play older characters. They can get away with being in their thirties and both of them are doing action orientated roles with no real problems, but it’s not the 90’s anymore.

I’ve only read the first issue of ‘Chrononauts’ but I’m thinking it’ll be cast from the younger pack of actors out there.


Sorry I misread your post, you weren’t suggesting them for the roles. :slight_smile:


That’s the exact thought process I ran through. Good Will Hunting era Damon and Affleck would have been perfect for this. I just don’t know who that next pair is that can handle the comedy and action hero part of this.


Clearly it’s Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. :smiley:


Hmm. I’m not sure they could handle the action hero part of it. They’re great together but in a more goofy/sometimes introspective way. Also, are they that much younger than Damon and Affleck?


I was only joking - they seem to keep being put in movies together despite diminishing returns. And yeah, they’re too old too.