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Who Would You Bring Back?

Just for the fun of the thread we’ll presume they can come back in their prime.

Personally I think Jackson or Mercury were the best performers in that list. Sinatra was a pretty nifty mover too back in the day but I do equate his heyday as a leisurely stroll across a Vegas stage.

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Johnny Cash

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If so then to The Apollo, my good man - and step on the gas, the Godfather of Soul don’t wait for no man!


I would really have liked to seen Johnny before he passed. I would still like to see Willie. However, the few times he’s come close to me the venue hasn’t been great and the tickets are still pretty expensive.

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Bon Scott. Easily. AC/DC are the best live act on the planet still, after all these years. And I’d love to see Bon enjoy the kind of crowds they get, along with hearing him tear up their post-Bon hits. I feel of everyone on the list his story is the most tragic and we only got a glimpse of what he could deliver.

After Bon it’d be Freddie and MJ. They’re maybe the greatest musical performers we’ve ever had. Their comeback shows would be something spectacular, something we’ve never seen before, whereas for most of the rest of the list I think we’ve already seen what they would deliver. Though Jimi with modern instruments would be really interesting.

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Can I be in my prime too?


I’m already in my prime. I just keep getting better. :wink:


I’m with Sanjay and Robert. It has to be the hardest working man in Entertainment- Mr James Brown.

Or failing that Sam Cooke.

Or Screamin’ Jay Hawkins…but that’s only because I turned up the opportunity to see him play live and he died not long after.

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Did this thread remind anyone else that Amy Winehouse was dead?

It may be a barometer of my interest in (relatively) modern music, but I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever heard any of her music. I know who she was, but I think that it seems to have bypassed me.

I think I can honestly say that Amy Winehouse has not been in my thoughts for several years. So from that point of view, yes I suppose so.

I have heard her music, but I’m currently unable to remember any of it. There’s one song I thought I knew but I’m blank on anything except the title.

They tried to make her go to rehab, David, but she said no, no, no.

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Ok yes that’s ringing a bell. Can’t recall a tune for it though.

Are some of you implying that we don’t live on Earth Prime? :confused:


John Lennon. On the condition he agrees to open for Hologram 2Pac.


In their prime, I would have to go with the Chairman. he also was a leading man in his days so he would do movies as well as music. if it was a continuation, I would have to go with Johnny Cash because he did some great work late in life.

Edit:As usual, I disregarded the conditions. If it was just one concert, my dilemma would be between Jimi & Freddie. If you are keeping score, mark me down for Freddie.

The first house I owned was previously owned by Sam Cooke. :cat:

As for a concert, it has to be Jimi Hendrix. Give him a couple days to practice and let him school everybody again.

After that it’s kind of a mash with Johnny Cash, Sinatra and Mercury. Edge to Cash, who was a legend and just kept getting better.


I agree with this 100%. If the thread was set up without the picture I’d have pick Bon Scott unprompted - seeing AC/DC live 1979 / 1980 just before Highway to Hell was released is pretty near the top of my time travel wish list.

I also think it’d be interesting to see how Metallica’s career, sound and album back catalogue would have evolved if Cliff Burton (the bands bassist on the first three albums) hadn’t died.



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