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Who Would You Bring Back?


I’m currently torn between Freddie and James Brown.

Bearing in mind the question is for a final concert so for me that would push Lennon down the list as his appeal to me is more as a songwriter.


Damn… I’d have to say Elvis or Sinatra. Its all my mum used to play when I was growing up, haha. Dean Martin, too… So I’d go for a split show between Elvis and The Rat Pack!


Can I write-in Ronnie James Dio?

If not then Sinatra.

It’s a very arbitrary group but weirdly diverse.

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No, pick from the list. Sinatra it is.


John Lennon. Then I’d spend the entire concert booing.


I’m really torn between Hendrix and Marley and Mercury, I’ll be back after some coffee to decide.

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Elvis if we could have the young, in-his-prime version. I’d like to see that.

(We’d have to make sure to spell his name properly if he did come back for one more show, though.)


Tough question. I think I’d go with Freddie Mercury.

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Jimi Hendrix please!


I’m not a Jimi fan, but I’d have to say him. I think if you brought him back, give him a year to familiarise himself with modern guitar technology, he’d produce something amazing.

I think Jimi Hendrix hadn’t finished evolving before dying at 27. Same with Amy Winehouse or Kurt Cobain.

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I’d have to go with Jimi as well, great list of artists to pick from BTW. :thumbsup:


What a fun quiz, shame you all got the wrong answer, the actual answer is the King! :wink:


Wait, wait. I meant Hendrix!

Geez, what was I thinking?

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‘polite cough’


Jimi for me as well, although if we’re talking guys in their absolute primes then James Brown is a close second.

EDIT- It is funny how far the Doors have fallen in public estimation. 20 years ago Jim Morrison is a lock for lists like this. Although I’m not sure how Bon Scott landed here over Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia, Ian Curtis, Otis Redding, all of the Ramones, and so on. Bon Scott?

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Bob Marley

I would have liked to have seen Johnny Cash and Kurt Cobain when they were still alive. My parents saw Elvis in his later years and said it was still a pretty great show.

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You should have done this thread as a poll, Gar. :wink:

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Yeah, this is a fairly important variable. I saw James Brown once, in 2004, and while he put on a good show I imagine it was nothing compared to seeing him in his prime.

For me it boils down to a question of who is the best performer. We’ll always have their music in recorded form, but who would provide the best show? Some of the people in the selection are leagues ahead of some of the others, in my estimation.


Yes, me too. Would loved to have seen James Brown in his prime.

Though list to narrow down (I’d have put Marvin Gaye on it too).