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Who will play the leads in the Chrononauts movie?




So pumped for this. A lot of cool Millarworld stuff coming.


Is it James Garner and Steve McQueen?


Close. It’s Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood.



It must be Chris Pratt. Right! Right!!!?
And … somebody else?


It Tom Hardy can play both nonidentical twins.
Then Chris Pratt can do both leads here.

But I call these two for the Job.


I’m amazed that your notes are so tidy. For one long piece, I had charts on the wall and such, and no inhibitions about writing on them. In colors. It sort of looked like Jackson Pollock had a seizure during an earthquake.


Oh yeah, Chris Pratt and Bradley Cooper fo shizzle.


Chris Pratt will go the way of the western.

Channing Tatum and Michael B Jordan have the natural energy and charm for this.


I think it will be James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.

Also, it will be Robert Downey Jr and Morgan Freeman.


Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel.
But my gut says Chris Pine and Tom Hardy.