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Who should play Iron Man after RDJr?


I was about to post this very question and then spotted someone else mention it in the Cena thread.

But you know it has to happen. Connery did six Bonds. RDJ has done three Iron Man, will have done 4 Avengers and some Spider-Man plus Cap: Civil War (not to mention Hulk cameo). He’ll be well in his fifties by the end of the decade and will be time to move on. Who can possibly replace him?

These movies make a billion dollars each so they’re not going to let them slip away. Like Bond, he’ll be replaced. But who can fill his shoes?

I think it needs to be an underdog with a chaotic personal life so people root for him like we rooted for RDJ. Sheen would have been perfect but maybe too old.

Any thoughts?



Not sure that they should replace him anytime soon. Bond had to be recast to keep that franchise going but there are lots of other properties that can keep the MCU franchise alive and kicking without going back to Iron Man without RDJ. Perhaps if none of Spider-Man, Black Panther, the Guardians or the rest of them prove to be massive successes then it would be worth a punt. It seems like it would be best to let the Iron Man movies lie fallow for a good solid while before going bringing them back in the 2020s with TBD in the lead. Anybody new taking the mantle in the short-term future will be doomed in comparison to RDJ.


Marvel movies with Iron Man make too much dough to stop. Around twice what non Tony movies make.

That’s too valuable to give up.



I hear John Cena is available.


That presupposes that a non-RDJ Tony Stark will have the same magic.

I think that Marvel owes a lot to those early Iron Man movies and to Jon Favreau and (behind the scenes) Shane Black. They set the tone for what came after.

Also…Ryan Gosling is the only person I could think of who might pull it off


In general, I like the idea of Gosling playing Tony Stark. Not sure how it would work in the MCU as established, however, as Gosling is 16 years younger than Downey Jr (and looks it). They could cast somebody a bit closer in age to Downey Jr but then there’s a longevity issue so far as sequels go. They could of course just ignore the character’s ageing issue completely but it would be a bit wonky.


It’ll happen, one way or another, but he’s the toughest act to follow.

Maybe Gosling could play Gregory instead?


I’d rather RDJ took a back seat as Director of Shield etc and they made Rhodey Iron Man for a while.

They could always go with the infamous Crossing storyline and replace adult Tony with a young Tony. Problem being in Civil War they have already established that young Tony is an airbrushed RDJ. Whilst this is a ludicrous idea, I think Kang would be a good villain after Thanos as it’ll allow the MCU to mess with continuity if needs be.




That’s a really good pick. Much better than my inclination to just keep investing in the de-ageing machine used for RDJ in Civil War and Michael Douglas in Ant-Man.


Okay, I shouldn’t have mentioned The Crossing to people that lived through it.

If he wasn’t already Deadpool / Green Lantern I’d suggest Ryan Reynolds. He’s got the cocky charisma / heartthrob thing down pat.


That’s a really good choice.

(I assume you mean Colin, not Will)


No I meant Will.

Colin is actually a bit better though.


Another option, if you want to go younger and more of a War Machine route, would be Michael B. Jordan.


Like I said in the other thread, I would prefer they took this opportunity to not just James Bond the role but kick the can down the road and do something completely new. Doing the Rhodey/War Machine replacement would be great but Don Cheadle is the same age. It could forever change Marvel comics and the film industry by getting us off this treadmill and legitimizing the non-old white guy replacement characters.

Jordan would be brilliant.


James Franco.


Lots of actors can play Iron Man. The trick is to find the right person to play Tony Stark.

I second Jim’s suggestion of James Franco; he’s got the charisma and snarkiness that define Stark’s public personality, and the emotional range required for private Stark’s inner demons. Not too many other “young” actors I can think of who could pull this off.


That would be quite perfect. He would be very different from RDJ, but he has that sense of being a guy who has seen too much, been to too many parties, dated too many women etc. etc.


Russell Brand.


That would be amazing and terrifying. :wink: