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Who should direct the SUPERIOR movie?


Like comic writers and artists, there’s very few directors who are consistently terrific. Fox announced last night they had their writers for the Superior movie (screenplay actually finished before Christmas and genuinely my favourite Millarworld adaptation so far).

But the director is key. I’m a great believer in that if someone has done two or three good movies you’re likely to get another one and the converse holds true too. Forget buzz, look at their track record. Likewise, this movie really needs to have a heart and the director really needs to be able to land a joke as the screenplay is very, very funny.

So who’s got that big Amblin vibe? Matthew is out as he’s doing the Kingsman sequel. All the usual suspects obviously busy so no point mention JJ, Jim Cameron and a whole bunch of others who couldn’t possibly get started later this year down to other commitments. Any thoughts?

Here’s the book for those unfamiliar and with an urge to buy!



Ron Howard? Rob Reiner?

Snag Brad Bird before he begins work on i2!


Duncan Jones may be looking for a job after ‘Warcraft’.

He’s made two good movies (‘Moon’ and ‘Source Code’) and they both balanced strong visuals with character very well.


Is directing a movie difficult? Is there a “Directing Blockbuster Movies for Dummies” book I could get?

I’m being made redundant from my job later in the year and will be looking for work…I’m just saying that I can make myself available :wink:

By the way, how about someone like Joe Cornish or Edgar Wright if you decide not to go down the “Bloke I came across on the Internet” route?


Cornish would be a good choice, so would Wright but I don’t think he’s interested in another project he doesn’t control?


How about Greg Mottolla? Paul with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost was pretty much a love letter to those movies. And it had a lot of FX.

And he made Superbad.


I obviously haven’t seen Deadpool yet but the trailers look like a nice mix of action and comedy. So what about Tim Miller? I would assume you and Fox will be in a better position to know how well that film hit the nail before the rest of us.

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes was among my favorite blockbusters of the last five years and Rupert Wyatt doesn’t seem to have a lot on his slate (per imdb). He’d be very good I think. Plus, experience with CGI monkeys!


Hey there Mr. Millar, I’d be happy to send you a directing sample, if you have time to watch an indie film. I believe I am your guy.


Wyatt is a very good director, but he gets very into his projects and wants a lot of control.

That’s not a bad thing, he’s well liked and respected as a pro, but his version of ‘Superior’ would be HIS version.


Rupert’s fantastic, but not sure if tonally he’d be as far away from Man of Steel as this needs to be. Just as Kingsman: The Secret Service is the fun spy movie for when Bond got too serious Superior is the Superman flick for people who want some boffo yuk yuks.



What about Jon Favreau? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen anything from him but it’s hard to deny that he hit all the high points with the first Iron Man film. Robert Zemeckis or Ben Affleck would be a couple other fun choices.


He has a big high-profile effects-heavy family film coming up soon, the live-action Jungle Book.


It’s out fairly early this year though. It should be winding down at just about the right time. :wink:


Oh yeah, absolutely. I was just filling you in on what he’s been up to. :slight_smile:


Johnston man, always Johnston.

Or Joe Dante.
He needs a comeback,


Dante I agree on.

Johnston, not so much.


1/2 ain’t bad!

But yeah, definitely Dante.


What about Paul King who directed a bunch of The Mighty Boosh episodes and also the delightful Paddington movie?


Richard Donner!

But if he’s “too old” or something, then Penny Marshall. :wink:

Also, Gary Ross (director Hunger Games, Pleasantville and the writer of Dave) would be interesting. Looking forward to FREE STATE OF JONES.