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Who is the perfect living artist for each character?


As solo books:


I’m not writing any of them, but it’s an experiment I’ll explain in a week or two :slight_smile:



Batman - John Romita, Jr
Robin - Joe Madureira
Bat-Girl - Amanda Conner
Spider-Man - Mark Bagley
Superman - Ed McGuinness


Unfortunately, lately, the answer is always Stuart Immonen :wink:

Lately Jae Lee does great dark work, so I’d give him Batman.

Robin is a lot tougher since he’s neither dark and has gone through so so many iterations. If I was skewwing younger, I’d go with Josh Middleton (does he do comics anymore?)

Bat-Girl - give it to Dodson

Spider-Man - This time, seriously, Stuart Immonen

Superman - Bryan Hitch, of course


Batman - Oof. Risso, though, because no one has mastered shadow. But so many artists do their career best work on Batman. But JP Leon is up there.

Superman - A lot of great choices, but Quitely is always my #1…lately I’ve been thinking Lee Weeks as an underrated contender. Hitch and Alan Davis are also wonderful choices, though.

Robin - Tradd Moore.

Batgirl - Marcos Martin

Spider-Man - Uh, Marcos Martin


I honestly thought of that combo but went with Joe Mad because I think Robin needs a playfulness that he does well.


Dear Mr Millar,

the perfect artist for each character would be:

Batman - Howard Porter
Robin - Erica Henderson
Bat-Girl - Steve Pugh
Spider-Man - Chris Bachalo
Superman - Sara Pichelli



Batman - 1. Capullo (yeah, you win, Greg) 2. Neal Adams

Robin - Patrick Gleason

Bat-Girl - Adam Hughes

Spider-Man - Simone Bianchi

Superman - Neal Adams


Batman: Sean Philips for Noir.

Robin: Adrian Alphona for R-rated-Y.A violence.

Bat-Girl: Joëlle Jones for sexy-female-empowerment.

Spiderman: Michael Avon Oeming for Ditko vibe?

Superman: Chris Samnee for Fleischer bros goodness?


Batman- Andy Kubert
Robin-Adam Kubert
Batgirl- Chris Bachalo
Spider-Man- Steve McNiven
Superman- Hitch or Gary Frank


Batman - Frank Miller
Robin - Chris Burnham
Batgirl - Cameron Stewart
Spider-Man - Mike Allred
Superman - Frank Quitely


Batman - Capullo (Norm Breyfogle is the definitive Batman artist, and is still alive, yet sadly can no longer draw)

Which Robin? Damien - Pat Gleason; Tim - Tom Lyle (old skool!)

Which Batgirl? Barbara - Dodson; Cassandra - Aja

Spider-man - Romita, Jr

Superman - McGuiness, Quitely or Jim Lee.


Batman - Jason Fabok

Robin - Cameron Stewart

Bat-Girl - Fiona Staples

Spider-Man - Marcos Martin

Superman - Frank Quitely


I like this, so:
Batman - Brian Bolland
Robin - José Luis García Lopez
Bat-Girl - Benjamin/Inio Asano
Spider-Man - Travis Charest
Superman - Declan Shalvey, if he can’t, then myself :wink:


Im going with currently the best not the all time best
Bats - Capullo
Robin (dick grayson) Mikel Janin cuz he shows off that ass the best
Batgirl Cameron Stewart
Spiderman Stuart Immomen
Superman Bryan Hitch


Batman Capullo
Robin Jon Boy
Bat-Girl Campbell
Spider-Man Yu
Superman Jim lee


Batman - Capullo. Needs a gothic and horror infulence, like Spawn.
Robin - Someone like Humberto Ramos. Robin is the Spidey of DC, he needs an artist with energy and youth and sex appeal on every page.
Bat-Girl - Wes Craig. I think his work on Deadly Class has the kind of framing that works for a more thoughtful and dialogue driven character like Bat Girl.
Spider-Man - JRJR. Not even a question. Moreso than McFarlane.
Superman - Immomen. Needs clean lines and big action, moving swiftly from galactic set pieces to character talking heads. Not many artists can do so much.


As it was said before. The answer to all of them is Immonem:
But, as an excercise:

Batman- Capullo… (I tried to find someone else, but he´s just too good).
Robin- David Aja.
Bat-Girl- Cliff Chiang
Spider-Man- Luciano Veccio.
Superman- Frank Quitely or Dough Mankhe (Yeah, very different both, but equally masters in their craft).


Alternate is Bryan Hitch, of course, but with the caveat that, whenever possible, Supes gets to keep his cape on!


Batman - Kelley Jones or Tim Sale
Robin - Becky Cloonan or Marcos Martin
Batgirl - Cliff Chiang or Marcos Martin
Spider-Man - JRJR
Superman - Doug Mahnke, Ed McGuinness, or Doc Shaner


Batman - Albuquerque or Jock
Robin - Gleason
Batgirl - Hughes
Spiderman - Pichelli
Superman - Yu